How do I renew my fixed price plan online?

It should be a simple thing to do but it's not - for me.

All I want to do is renew.

I keep being told by OVO to:-

Go to MY Profile - which I've done.

Go to My Plan - which I've done.

Click on the green box labelled "See My Renewal Rates" or "See My Fixed Price Offers" - neither of these boxes or any such words are showing.

Twice I have emailed hello..... but it seems the office is deserted as the silence from them is deafening.

Any other customers out there know how to move this along?

Tempted to switch to a more able supplier.


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I can find no where on the website or comparison sites (which say it has to be done through OVO) to get a quote for a new two year fix or indeed any quote for anything. It seems the only option is to drop into a standard tariff at the end of my term. Why is this?
Hi, can anyone tell me how to find my renewal date please, I'm finding it all very confusing
mine was very easy to do?
Thanks, I'm sure it's easy when I can get to the screen they keep referring me to.

Tried again this morning - got to My Plan screen which shows details of the plan I'm on now but has no hint anywhere of Renewal details or Price Offers.

I'm just wondering if the renewal details only appear when closer to the expiry of the current plan.

I had an email from ovo telling me my plan was due to expire soon so I assumed their website was ready for me to renew.

I'm beginning to lose the will to live with this issue so will probably change supplier.

Thanks for your response.

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Updated on 23/09/21 by Jess_OVO


 So you’re coming to the end of your plan with OVO and wanting to check out the new plans we’ve got on offer for you and fix yourself in for another year or two?


You might be happy to hear, you don’t need to give us a call - you can do this all yourself on your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS).


We’ll email you (or send a letter if you’ve opted in to postal communications) to let you know when you’re in your renewal window - This is the 49 day grace period at the end of every energy plan. During this time you’ll be able to fix in to a new plan with us - or switch away with no exit fees if you’d like.

When you log in to your online account or open up your OVO app during the renewal period, you’ll see a renewal message on your Homepage:


Exact appearance may vary


Click on the ‘Pick your new plan’ button to see the options available:


Exact appearance and plans available may vary


You’ll have a view of the recommended Direct Debit amount on each new plan, as well as the unit rates and standing charges on each plan by clicking ‘Tariff Information Label’. This is useful in making comparisons of these plans to those that might be offered elsewhere.


Found the plan for you? Click ‘Renew now’ to choose this plan. You’ll then receive a confirmation email of your new plan details and the new plan will begin the day after your current plan ends.


Not seeing these options available as you should? - Reach out to the Support Team who can take a look into this for you. :ok_hand:

Thanks Nancy but, as I keep saying, there is no green button or any mention of renewal.
Now where do I go?

Ah, just received an email from OVO (Anna).

" After Looking at your account unfortunately you are unable to change your tariff online, this does need to be done via the Telephone"

Don't ask me why.

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Hi, can anyone tell me how to find my renewal date please, I'm finding it all very confusing

Hey @val1 and @jazz3d - I've moved your posts onto this topic about renewing.

Have a look at the screenshot @Tonyt posted above.

Tony - the reason you need to call is because you have a Southend Energy tariff, which is provided through OVO.
I'd like to change my tariff (current tariff expires on 7th May). How do I contact you to do this without loosing my self service award? Thanks. (Sorry I couldn't spell "tariff/tarrif" in the title).
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Hey @theminz,

I've popped your post here, the info you need is above in @Nancy_OVO's answer.

Just come to end of 2 year fix and considering refixing as the deal ranks well with others. My fix for two years was a £140 pm so I've racked up £600 in credit. That's fine with me for now as you pay interest (yay!).
I have a smart meter.
I understand that if I choose a new 1 or two year fix, the DD will initially set at more than £140 but I can reduce that within the app.
What I don't understand is why, looking at the standing charge and KWH, the 1 year fix is cheaper per unit and standing charge than the 2 year fix. I don't understand why. Sure OVO want me for 2 years?
I've come to end of 2 year fixed tarrif, but when I look at 1 and 2 year options to renew a fixed tarif, the KWH unit price for both gas and electricity is cheaper on 1 year option than 2 year option. Sure OVO would prefer to lock a customer in for 2 years? I can't see any other differnce
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Im sure they have just lowered the cost of the 2year from looking on their site this morning and is now cheaper than the 1yr fixed
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What I don't understand is why, looking at the standing charge and KWH, the 1 year fix is cheaper per unit and standing charge than the 2 year fix. I don't understand why. Sure OVO want me for 2 years?

I can answer this one, @ANTAR - the two year fixed tariff will tend to be more expensive then the 1 year, due to the length of the contract. There's higher risk in promising to keep prices the same, from our perspective. In 15 months, something dramatic might happen to wholesale prices. Great for you, as you don't have to worry about that, if you're in a 2 year fixed tariff.

Buying in bulk tends to be cheaper, but the longer the contract, the higher the risk we take on. So that's reflected in the prices. Call it a price-security-premium.... or not 😅

I am definitely not into Big Brother tactics, so my question is :- What if any contracts are there that OVO offer without being forced into having a smart meter installed ? 

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Hi @No Smart Meter - I’ve moved your post onto this thread about renewing. Check out my ‘bets answer’ above for details on how to see your renewal options online.

We’re not forcing anyone to have a smart meter - you can sign up to any of these tariffs with a traditional meter.

I am told today that my Fixed Plan is coming to an end so a new one must be chosen presumably.     Surprisingly I normally do not want to pay more than is asked for any product.    Why is there even any  choice?   For what reason would anyone pick the most expensive one ?    A mystery.       

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I’ve moved your post here, @geoff 89, as the info above is more inline with your query. 

Our members may choose the higher tariff, I think you’re referring to our 2 year fixed plan, to guarantee the rates for 24 months instead of 12. For some members the fixed rate for a longer time is more attractive than a lower tariff for a shorter time.