How do I exchange my economy 7 meter to a single rate meter?

  • 3 April 2017
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Hi, been with ovo for last 3 years.
I was wondering how easy is it to change from a two rate electricity meter (economy 7) to a single rate electricity meter. I never make the most of the night time lower rate, it seems sensible to change. However, at this particular time, I'm not interested in changing to a smart meter, I just want a regular credit meter for electricity. Also will it cost me anything?


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8 replies

Hi my metre is set for economic 7, I don't have economic 7, tried ringing OVO to get this changed but keep being told sum one will ring back but so far no one has, how am I suppose to get it changed ??
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Hey @Sandiedw

Sorry to hear that you haven't had a call back yet. We’ll be able to check whether your meter is standard or economy 7. Can you please provide your Meter Serial Number (MSN) for me? You can find your MSN on the front of your meter.

If you're confident your meter is Economy 7 and your tariff isn't, this will need changing. We can either put you on the standard 'single rate' tariff for both the off peak and peak registers, (the prices that were available on the date you signed up or renewed), or we can change your tariff to the Economy rates available then.

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Unfortunately, we don't currently have the functionality to change Smart Meters from Single Rate to Economy 7, or vice versa. This is something we are looking to make possible in the future and we’ll keep you posted with any further updates here on the Forum!

Economy 7 to Single Rate 


Although we're unable to physically change the functionality of meters right now. We can offer an Economy 7 to Single Rate plan! This means you’ll be paying the same rate for each register.


If this is something you’re interested in, please get in touch with our Support Team.


Single Rate to Economy 7 


At the moment as it stands, there's no way for customers who wish to switch their Smart Meters from Single Rate to Economy 7


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I already have smart meters but I want to change to single rate only, been an OVO customer for years but my bills are now huge!
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You're probably already on a single rate if you have a smart meter. On my previous OVO contract I had a dual rate (night & day rate) meter and was told I would have to change it to a smart meter so they could bill me a single rate. OVO said if I didn't do that I would have to find another supplier.
I have two different tariff readings every month so I am definitely on Economy 7.
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Not necessarily, I've had an Economy 7 meter for nearly 30 years and it was only around 10 years ago that I was informed by EON that I wasn't actually getting Economy 7 despite them having charged me that rate all along. It transpired that when my house was built the builders had run out of normal meters and fitted an Economy 7 meter instead. After discovering that EON put me and several neighbours who were in the same position on a normal rate tariff.

When I joined OVO I still had to submit two readings for electricity each month (day & night rate) but OVO billed me the same rate for both. When that contract ended however they told me I must have a smart meter if I wanted to remain an OVO customer and I would then have a single rate contract. .

Clearly if you have a smart meter and you are on a dual tariff then OVO lied to me, I needn't have even had a smart meter if what you're saying is true. I let them install it even though I didn't want one because the alternative was to leave for another supplier. OVO made it quite clear that I couldn't have a dual rate meter when I changed contract.
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Hi @gally the best thing to do is to get in touch with us so we can double check your meter type and talk you through the options available to you.

We tend to find that customers that move to Smart Meters from traditional, are not necessarily spending more money, (check the tariff you signed up to for the unit prices to compare), but as the spend is more visible via the IHD people think they are spending more.

Either way, get in touch and we can look at what we can do to support you.


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