How do I close an OVO account that was set up in error? - I don't live at that address!

  • 21 January 2022
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I have been in contact with the customer centre but I am having problems closing an account that was set up in error. I thought it was closed but they are still charging me for energy. Can anyone help or advise me what to do? Siobhan 


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Hi @siobhanf and welcome back!


Just to double-check, are you looking to close the account you set-up following your move into a home that OVO supplied? As you mention requesting a switch to a new supplier already, it’s worth mentioning that this will automatically close the account you’ve set-up with OVO. For the 6 weeks following the switch you may still notice the OVO online account remains active. Not to worry, as long as we receive all the information we need in the expected timeframe, we’ll issue your final bill within 6 weeks of your supply switching away.


If it’s been longer than 6 weeks and you’re still waiting on the final bill it’s worth raising this to our Support Team who can investigate the reason for the delay.


Hope this helps, do let us know if there was another account this referred to as this may change the advice we give! :slight_smile:

Hi Jess, 

I managed to resolve my previous issue before Christmas and stayed with Ovo but that took a lot of time to sort out.

I am now trying to resolve an issue where I have been set up with an account in a house that I don’t live in and need to get the account cancelled as I’m being charged. I’m going back and forth and don’t know what to do. My parents lives in the house and they have their own account. I’ve had an account set up for this house in error and want to cancel it. 

I contacted Ovo again and they have raised it as a case but they advised it could be weeks before I get a response but in the meantime on my Ovo account I’m still being charged. 

any advice. 

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Sorry for the confusion there, @siobhanf.


Sounds like a slightly more complex situation than I’d imagined. From the sounds of it an account was set-up in your name at an address you’re not liable for. Depending on the point this error was noticed, this may have caused an ‘Erroneous Transfer’ whereby a supplier takes over the supply of a house by mistake. We’ve covered this in more detail over here:



In cases where an ET is accepted by both suppliers involved, the switch  and any associated charges are reversed and any energy used in the interim is charged by the original supplier, it’s as if the switch never took place.


We’d encourage you to contact our Support Team who can make sure we correct this mistake on our side - the quickest way to reach the team is via our Live Chat which you can access by clicking ‘Message Us’ on this page. You may also want to encourage your parents to contact their supplier to make sure their account is unaffected.


Hope this information is more relevant to the situation and helps get things back on track. :thumbsup:

Hi Jess, thanks for the information, I am currently on the message us online chat but it seems to have gone quiet and the person that was liaising with me is now not responding on the messages at all. I am really keen to get this matter resolved as it is a cause of worry now that although I have complained no one has acknowledged or made any contact. Also, it will be coming up to another bill and will be charged for account in a house that I am not living in. Any advice. Siobhan 

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So sorry to hear your web chat was interrupted, @siobhanf.


Just to check, as you mention raising a complaint, was this logged via our website Complaint form? If so you should be contacted within 5 working days to discuss things further. If it’s been over 5 days or you’d rather get things sorted before the next billing cycle on this erroneous account it’s best to contact the Support Team directly - Find the available contact channels here.


Hoping the Support Team are able to get this one figured out and put your mind at ease. :slight_smile:

@Jess_OVO, I am in touch with the support team directly and fingers crossed we may have got to the bottom of this issue so watch this space! Thanks for you advice and support along the way. Siobhan