How do I change my Direct Debit date?

  • 25 August 2017
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Hi there,

I would like to know if and how I can change my direct debit date?

Thank you.

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Great question - of course you can change your Direct Debit date! The easiest way to do this is via your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS). 


Check out the ‘Payments’ page - you can change your payment date by clicking on the ‘Change Direct Debit date’ button -  


Exact appearance may vary


If the payment is due in the next 5 days, the change won’t apply until next month.


You can find out more about Direct Debits on our FAQs.


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29 replies

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Heads up everyone,


I’ve updated the ‘best answer’ on this one, as you can change your Direct Debit via your online account now :blush:

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Hi @mcallanan and welcome to the Forum.

Firstly, I think you should read what one of the Moderators said in answer to this other question about the relative dates of Statement and Direct Debits.

OVO follow Ofgem guidelines in setting these dates. In effect you pay the next month in advance rather than pay for the amount which is shown on your latest Statement.

Once a Direct Debit is set up, it's quite hard to move the date. I'm not in the finance sector, but I believe it involves ceasing the existing Mandate and creating a fresh one.

It's relatively easy for OVO to move the Statement date, but doing this can be detrimental. Other contributors to this Forum have complained that this practice leaves their accounts with OVO in credit to an amount almost equal to two-month's worth of Direct Debits.

The reason for this is that the Guidelines attempt to bring your (annual) contract to an end with your account showing a small positive balance. If the account shows a minor debt, then you will experience difficulties in switching to another supplier. So there are established practices for ensuring that you don't fall into this trap unwittingly!

Before you contact OVO directly, have a look also at this page which shows how Estimates and Direct Debits are calculated.

Please ask again here if you want further clarifications.
How do I change the date of my dd????

I have done this on my own account. It is quite easy to do but you need to contact OVO directly so they can make the change for you.
Can I change my direct debit to come out on the 1st of the month
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@Plendrum I've moved your query to this topic - check out the 'best answer' at the top!
I have just moved to OVO today. However my app is telling me that my withdrawal date is 28/06/18 for my direct debits. I want my debits on the 2nd of each month, how do I arrange this. As I can’t find anywhere on the app to ammend this.
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Good evening! :)

A quick free call to customer services should get you sorted.

They are on 0330 303 5063, they will give you a choice of better dates to suit your needs.

They are super quick at answering and very friendly too!

Hope this helps,

Best wishes,


the date my account is sorted is the day before my direct debit date can i move this to the day before so my account will not read Debt
Hey @valleyboy22

I've moved your query over to an existing topic on Direct Debits. We'd be more than happy to change your Direct Debit date to the 15th of every month - just send us a PM on our Facebook page, including your full name, account number (or full address) and DoB.


I am in the process of switching from my old supplier on March 7th i have been told.
My direct debits have always been around my pay day which is the 15th of each month,so can OVO start from this date if the switch happens on the date they have said?
I need to change the date of my DD, how do I go about it please. Many thanks.

Feel free to PM us on Facebook with your full name, DoB and account number,
@Kris50 - we'll be able to change the Direct Debit date for you.

I need to change the date of my DD, how do I go about it please. Many thanks. all I did was ring them up they did it very quickly for me.
I need to change the date of my DD, how do I go about it please. Many thanks.
Hey @Ryanjsh

Thanks for getting involved! Check out Lucy's 'Best Answer' at the top.

So I've just switched to your company, and had my direct debit confirmation through the post. It says that the date of collection for the amount to be debited is the 3rd of January, however I don't get paid from work until the 10th January.. Are we able to change the day it gets collected?
Already dealt with thanks. Thought the response may have come along a bit quicker.
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Can anyone point me in the right direction yo change direct debit date please.

@Vicki0 the 'Best Answer' (at the top) is what you need!

Can anyone point me in the right direction yo change direct debit date please.
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I have moved your questions over here as other users have already asked this! Please see above.

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Is it possible to change the date of my DD to earlier in the month?
Hi, I’m a new customer and my 1st DD payment is scheduled to be taken from 9th October.
How do I change the date as no option is available within the App or online?
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@Jessgillies I responded to your recent private message about this - hope it helps!

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Hi @Jessgillies Welcome to our forum!!

Thanks for posting your question, I have moved it here as its something that has already been asked by another user!

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