How can I report a missing interest reward on my account if eligible and not receiving?

  • 31 March 2022
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I have been a customer of OVO for more than 4 years.

OVO openly offers 3% to 5% on customer accounts in credit during each year.

I have not received any such credit over any period with OVO.

I have always been on a fixed price contract, and on smart meters with this company, and as the contract starts on the 1st April I acrue significant sums over the summer period.

With massive increases in energy costs, the sums  that will build in the summer time, on a fixed price contract will be particularly large, making the interest payments offered (if they exist) extensive

I have made at least 5 attempts both now and in the past to persuade  OVO to explain why the publicly trumpeted credit system does not apply to my account. This simple question has been fobbed off or told it will be passed to another department in phone calls , emails are totaly ignored and even a personal letter to the General Manager has produced no response.

As this company was fined a very significant sum in the recent passed for over/undercharging customers and refuses to communicate with it’s members I begin to wonder what I’m doing taking out annual contracts with them.

Has any other member had similar problems? If so please advise. Maybe I’m in error thinking this credit sytem applies to me, or maybe filled in the wrong form etc.

Any advice from members would be appreciated

Tony Purcell


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Hi @tonyp227 ,

I’m afraid as a forum volunteer, I can’t solve account specific issues like this one. The forum moderators are now offline for the weekend, but I’ll ask either @Tim_OVO or @Jess_OVO to stop by when they’re free.

My suspicion is it’s just a bug that can be fixed and you might be able to get back paid for the lost credit. Just to manage expectations though, my £200 floating credit balance and £40 a month payments scores me around 60-70p a month at the 4% rate. You may get less than you’re expecting so it’s worth keeping that in mind.

Thanks for understanding.

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Sorry to hear that you haven’t been receiving the interest reward, @tonyp227.


We’ve discontinued this scheme for new customers, however as you’ve been an OVO member for several years I believe you should’ve seen this added as a credit to each monthly summary. It’s normally listed as a reduction to your charges.


If you’ve double-checked and can’t see this showing on any statements, our Support Team should be able to investigate why this hasn’t been applied. As you mention trying to raise this to the team in the past without success I’ve scheduled a Private Message to be sent to you here to see what we can do to help.


You can check your message inbox by clicking on your forum profile icon in the top-right hand corner of any forum page.


I hope this helps get to the bottom of things.