How can I find my actual annual energy usage to research my renewal options? - There's conflicting amounts shown on my online account!

  • 8 January 2022
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Hope someone can clarify what should be a straightforward question.

Every year I review my energy usage as part of sorting out my contract for the following year.  Whilst this year it’s somewhat different and we’re all advised to sit tight, I don’t seem to be able to get an accurate figure for my 2021 usage.

Just before New Year I rang to discuss options and and asked what my 2021 usage figures were and was told 11,901 Kwh electricity and 16,387 Kwh gas.

Today I looked at my online account details and the Usage tab on the website reads 1785 Kwh electricity and 13,813 Kwh gas.

I also looked at what plans were available and at the top of the page it has my 2021 usage figures as electricity 1567 Kwh and gas 10957 Kwh.

So I’ve got 3 different figures for my usage, even though I’m on a smart meter and not withstanding a figure of 16,387 Kwh for gas feels wrong given that it’s a 40% increase on previous figures and I spent all of 2021 living away from home during the week so using very little gas.   Which of the figures am I supposed to believe?  I never had these issues when I was on my old analogue meters which I read monthly!


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Welcome back, @Melchett!


Great question to ask about the most reliable place to find out your annual consumption figures - sounds like you’ve been given a few conflicting amounts there which is understandably confusing. I’m particularly confused by the numbers you were quoted over the phone as over 11,000 kWh of electricity doesn’t sound right, so I wonder if the agent you spoke to may have made a mistake with their calculations, apologies if this is the case.


During your renewal period I’d recommend logging in to your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS) then heading over to the ‘Plan’ page:


Exact appearance may vary

The ‘Future annual consumption’ figure shown here is the number we use to make any Direct Debit recommendations on the OVO plans available for your renewal, so by using the same figure when researching your options you can ensure a fair comparison. This figure may not always exactly correlate to your annual consumption figure shown on your usage pages depending on when you had your smart meters installed and whether we’ve lost communication with the meters at any point.


Hope this helps you consider your options - Do pop back if you have any more questions about your renewal or online account. :slight_smile: