Giro shows old SSE account no. not OVO new account no. on final bill from SSE

  • 14 June 2022
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I was switched from SSE to OVO and received my final bill. But as I always paid by the giro (At the back of the bill) at the Post Office I just went and paid the final bill from SSE there. I got a receipt for payment. This was on the 10th June 2022. The same date I got the bill.

Afterwards I found the account had been transferred to OVO on the 6th of June2022. I opened a OVO web account and found that my bill had still the amount in debit for the amount I had sent to SSE.

Will my payment be transferred to OVO automatically from SSE to clear this debt. as the post office accepted payment but I later found the giro had the old SSE information for payment of the final bill, on it.

Thanks Teddyboy


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Hi @teddyboy ,

As far as I’m aware, your payment should get forwarded automatically. However, as a safety measure I know of a team at OVO that can try and trace the payment for you. If they manage to locate it, they can link it back up to your account.

Could you give them a call on 0345 0260 712 (edit: Corrected number, sorry!) please? If you’ve got that Giro receipt handy, that’ll be especially helpful!

Thanks.. Phoned SSE this morning and was transferred  to Final Account Team.  After a conversation my OVO account was updated later this afternoon, and all has been corrected.

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Nice! I knew that would work.

Ideally, I’d love to see the whole process automated a bit more, but at least that confirms these Giro payments can be traced.

If you get stuck with anything else, we’ll be here for you. :)