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  • 17 March 2023
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I sent all the relevant documents in mid-December, including MPAN number etc, and haven’t had a confirmation my FIT is set up. I have emailed once a month, on one occasion getting a reply which didn’t tell me anything.

I called this morning again - 15 mins in a queue, transferred to “the FIT team” who took my account number and then said they’d put me through to the team for that account, then on hold for a further 10 mins at which point I hung up.

Is this typical? Can I just register a FIT with another company instead - I’m assuming my OVO one is not set up.


3 replies

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You can’t apply to more than one company at once, so you’d have to cancel the active application first.


Thanks for the response - I’m not sure my application’s active! They won’t confirm receipt of my documents and I’ve had no response about it. 3 months! How can I cancel when they won’t respond to emails, can’t get through on phone …...

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Hi @JudithP and thanks for sharing this negative experience. I’m really sorry to hear about it. 


We’ve got a similar topic on this here: 



In that topic I advise that a smart export guarantee (SEG) applicant is only eligible for SEG once an export supply number (MPAN) has been created. As soon as that's been done we ask the customer for an opening reading which is the point they will be paid from. No exports before then will get payment. 


It looks like there are still longer than usual process times for applications and emails to the SEG team which I’m really sorry about. Any customers still waiting to be set up may wish to cancel their SEG application with OVO and re-apply elsewhere as a different supplier may be able to register them quicker. Or if you’ve already been asked for the opening reading, you’ll be getting paid for anything you’ve exported since. It may just take a bit longer. It's not ideal by any means but unfortunately we can't process any quicker than we currently are.


Hope this helps outline your options,