Feed in tariff (FiT) payment delays - what are the contact details for that team?

  • 10 August 2022
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My May FIT payment is usually received in June. It is 10 August and still no sign of it. I was asked to submit the next reading today.

Is anyone else experiencing delays? Contact emails and phone numbers do not work or provide any useful information.

SSE/Ovo now have a large amount of my money in unpaid FIT payments and over-charge on direct debit.

Has anyone got a useful contact number or email?


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To reach the main Support Team, I’d recommend checking out and giving Live Chat a try.

For the FIT Scheme, it’ll be . That team is really small though, so it may take a few days before they can respond.

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Thanks for the info. Live Chat has not been set up for FIT, so it gives a phone number. When I use the FIT account number, it says “account not recognised” (or similar) and cuts me off.

Email sent, so I’ll see if I can get anywhere with that.

Man, this is hard work….


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Hi @Chris Brummell and thanks for flagging this on the OVO Forum. 


I’ve copied the info below from a related topic here:


Just to clarify as there still seems to be a bit of confusion over the migration of your accounts to the OVO FiT team and the process for chasing any late payments. Whilst we started migrating the first batch of SSE FiT customers over to the OVO FiT team in June, unless you’ve received a welcome pack from OVO, your FiT agreement will still be managed by SSE. In this case the SSE FiT team will be the ones to contact to investigate any delays to your usual payment schedule. This team can be reached by emailing or calling 0345 071 7827. As the OVO FiT team will not have visibility of your account until it is migrated, they’re not best placed to help with any payment queries you might have.


Your OVO FiT Welcome pack will include your new FiT account details, next reading date and payment schedule. Once you’ve received this Welcome Pack you’ll then be able to discuss any account issue with the OVO FiT team by emailing Unlike SSE we’ll make your FiT payments once we’ve carried out a process known as levelisation, which takes around 8 weeks from the date your readings are submitted.  This means we’re not yet ready to make any FiT payment to those who have recently joined us from SSE. You are of course free to switch to another FiT supplier at any time by contacting the supplier you’d like to switch to but it’s worth mentioning that the majority of FiT providers make payments on the same timeframes as OVO, so we’d recommend checking this before you request to switch.

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Unfortunately, the email provided ( results in a useless  automated email. The Contact link doesn’t work.

The phone number goes through to an inaudible voicemail and then cuts me off.

@Tim_OVO can you communicate the issues with SSE FIT team?

This is crazy and I guess my next move will have to be a formal complaint (except no contact details work) and then the Small Claims Court.


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I’ve had a very similar problem - I’ve not been receiving the email requests to submit quarterly FIT readings.  The “chat” can’t access the FIT team or systems (why not?), and the help desk has a wait time of up to 60 mins, and my calls keep getting dropped.

Really not an acceptable service!!

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Like a lot others that were transferred from SSE, I’m really struggling to get my head around just how challenging it is getting any kind of response from OVO about my FiT payments and clarification on their procedures.  Emails have gone unanswered for over a month and there is no way of actually speaking to anyone.  The telephone number given on the welcome pack directs you to their customers services line or refer you back to the email address.   I can only suggest that people complain to OFGEM

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I have registered a complaint with the ombudsman. This was the advice I received from the Citizens Advice Bureau:

“Our advice on complaining to and about your supplier can be read here: 

And our advice about complaining to the energy ombudsman can be read here: 

Please be aware that it might help your case with the ombudsman if you do everything ‘by the book’. This would involve sending a formal letter of complaint (and keeping a record of delivery - whether it was email, or tracked post) and allowing the allotted 8 weeks for a response. 

We have a template letter of complaint that you can copy and amend here:”

Given I cannot contact SSE (and OVO are not able to hep), the “allowing the allotted 8 weeks” does not apply.

Having been with Sse since 2014 and ovo taking over earlier this year.  It seems they are intent on destroying Sse's reputation for excellent customer service.  Why port customers over if the business structure is not in place to deal with customers and payments.

My only advice is change Fit supplier which I'm in the process of doing since the end of July.  Sadly OVO are delaying this process...anyone surprised

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I’ve had an email from someone in Digital Service offering to look into the issues I’ve been having.  If I don’t get an improvement in service from SSE/Ovo I may well look to change to a different FIT supplier - however I guess, as you are experiencing Dja, this will not be a simple process!

Hi Steve, I'm currently awaiting a payment that should reach my account by Friday.  Received it on 5 August to say payment received WITHIN 3 weeks so it looks like they hold out to the last to accrue as much interest as possible on OUR monies.....thats if it gets paid 😡😡

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Well, I submitted on 17th May and received an email back stating:

“We'll pay you within the quarter.”

They lied...

Has anyone considered Watchdog??

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I had this response from OVO (after 3 weeks)  by way of explanation for their payment process

“Just to confirm, we request readings each March, June, September and December and you can submit these to us any time between the first and last days of those months. We then collate our information and use it to calculate what payments are due. We send this information to our governing body, OFGEM, who will approve the claim before sending the funds to us, so that we can then distribute it to our customers. This process can take up to 8 weeks so payments for the above read months are made in May, August, November and February.” 

I was still with SSE when my last reading was due (31st June according to SSE) and I submitted it on 1st July (I think).  Little did I know that that falls outside the OVO “read submission window” by one day - according to their rules, my payment looks like being carried forward until the next quarter - ie payment in November!!!! Effectively 6 months to pay me.  You couldn’t make it up! I’m trying to get clarification on this but ….. 

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Clearly the energy companies are not making enough money and are trying to hold onto our money for as long as possible.


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As I understand it, OVO now owns the retail part of SSE, so this ping pong between SSE and OVO is irrelevant.

It needs to be sorted by OVO!

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Just sent the following to Ofgem:


SSE / OVO are claiming delays in FIT payment due to the “Levelisation Process”.

This seems to be affecting a large number of people, from the number of comments on various forums.

I understand from OVO (via one of the posts) that Ofgem have to approve all FIT payments.

Can you:

  1. Confirm whether Ofgem has to approve FIT payments, if so…
  2. Confirm whether there is any delay in the process
  3. Confirm how this backlog is being addressed as I believe SSE/OVO are in breach of the contract with consumers

I have already raised this with Citizens Advice and the Ombudsman.”


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I’m not even going to attempt to explain the full process because it’s very complicated.

However, when it comes to FiT payments, all FiT Licensees (which does NOT include all energy suppliers) pay into a central pot that’s managed by Ofgem and after a bunch of processes are completed the appropriate portions of the pot get released back to each licensee in order to pass the funds onto customers.

That’s as deep as I’m willing to go in terms of explaining how it works.

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I made my application  to Scottish Power for Smart export guarantee in May 2022 and have heard nothing since in spite of repeated telephone and email enquiries.  Latest ( 26/8/2022) phone call told me that “The Government needs to approve this” I consider this rubbish answer. What can I do to get my Export payments?

and: bearing in mind the huge increase in the price cap, can we expect a higher payment for exported KWH than the miserable 5-6 pence currently on offer?



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@Blastoise186 thanks for the explanation.  Reading between the lines you seem to be saying  delaying payment until after levelisation is a cashflow issue.  I could perhaps understand that if you were a small company with cashflow issues but that’s evidently not the case.  You are an enormous company currently awash with cash.  The bit I really find hard to understand is that you are contractually/statutorily obliged to pay us the FiT payment regardless of any outcome of the levelisation process.  This delay is a matter of OVO’s choice/policy.  You say OVO pays into a pot.  I think that’s disingenuous - what probably happens is that OVO notifies Ofgem of its estimate (a “virtual” deposit).   I very much doubt that any real hard cash actually changes hands.  The cynic in me knows that cash stays in OVOs account earning windfall interest.   

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I’d just like to mention that I’m not an OVO employee and I don’t have any say in how any of this works. As a forum volunteer, I’m independent of OVO and everything I post is in a personal capacity.

Your problem isn’t with me and it’s not something I can solve.

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@Blastoise186 Sorry, I did realise that and did make a (poor) attempt to change you’s to Ovos in the text.  I completely agree that the problem is not with you but but you are hopefully part of the solution in as much as I hope you are reflecting back to the company just how much people are fed up with the appalling customers service.  Some problems can’t be solved but at least we are owed a timely response or the ability to speak to someone on the phone

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Bit of a tricky one for me to be honest. It is true that I’m a highly trusted forum volunteer and I do have advanced forum permissions, but most of that is to make it easier for me to help people out and to prevent the automated spam filter gobbling up my comments. I do also sometimes get told things in advance of it being made public, but that’s usually more of an advance heads up so that I’m ready in case anyone asks.

I’m not really sure what I can do with regards to this thread I’m afraid. I’ve managed to scare off a forum troll that was causing trouble, so I guess that kinda helps?

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After complaining to the ombudsman, I received an email today saying the photo I submitted in April 2022 is a different meter to the original.


SSE/OVO are missing a “1” from the end of the serial number.

I will be asking Watchdog to investigate this shambles.

Hi Ovo users, 

Anyone have same experience as I do?

Installed Solars more than month ago, reported it directly to Fits team, first time on 2ng August…. and haven’t heard anything since…


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Hi @joolek.o, welcome to the OVO online community!


I’m sorry you haven’t yet heard back from our feed in tariff team. After April 2019 the Feed-in Tariff was replaced by the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG). This payment only covers energy you actually export which is clocked by your smart meter.


If you haven’t yet signed up for your smart export guarantee you can do so by filling out the application form here. Then, email  your:

  • Proof of ID showing your full name – like a valid passport, driver’s licence, or birth certificate.

  • Proof of ownership for your installation – this can be a paid-in-full invoice, or a letter from your installer, building contractor or solicitor that shows you’re the owner. If the system was already installed when you moved into your home, you’ll need a Land Registry document, and a Fixtures and Fittings form – all clearly showing your name and your address.

  • Proof of address – such as a utility bill, or a bank, building society or credit union statement from the last 3 months. You can also send us a council tax bill, an electoral register entry, or an HMRC tax statement for the current year.

  • An MCS certificate or equivalent – you should get this from your installer. You’ll see the certificate number at the top of the document (it’ll look like this: MCS-01234567-A). Or, you might get a Flexi Orb certificate (the number for this will be in the middle of the doc, and it’ll look like this: Flexi-01234567890).

  • Distribution Network Operator (DNO) notification – you can find more information in our complete guide to DNOs

I hope that helps!