Feed in tariff (FiT) payment delays - what are the contact details for that team?

  • 10 August 2022
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My May FIT payment is usually received in June. It is 10 August and still no sign of it. I was asked to submit the next reading today.

Is anyone else experiencing delays? Contact emails and phone numbers do not work or provide any useful information.

SSE/Ovo now have a large amount of my money in unpaid FIT payments and over-charge on direct debit.

Has anyone got a useful contact number or email?


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59 replies

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Updated on 27/10/2022 by Emmanuelle_OVO: The response below was copied from another topic on the same subject:


Hi everyone and thanks to each and every SSE or OVO customer that has shared their experience on this thread. 


There’s a few different things being described here but I’ll try and offer as much help as I can. 


If your feed in tariff (FiT) or smart export guarantee (SEG) account is with SSE, they will be the ones to contact for anything related to this. It won’t have been transferred to OVO unless we emailed you to confirm.


I’ve seen SSE customers here call out a delay in their payment. I’ve been advised that there’s a few different reasons why this might happen, such as missing a requested meter photo. I know some people have called out sending in photos and not getting a reply. I’m passing on this as feedback and I know the team are working flat out to get to everyone as soon as possible. The contact details for this team are or calling 0345 071 7827.


If you’re only with SSE or OVO with your feed in tariff (FiT) or smart export guarantee (SEG) account, you won’t have access to the OVO online account portal. If it’s OVO, the contact email for the team you want is or


If you would like to speak to our FiT Team on the phone you can by calling 0330 303 5063 and selecting ‘4’ when the IVR instructs you to do so.


If you’re SSE but don’t have your energy account with OVO, your call will be automatically routed to the FiT Team.


If you are an OVO customer, moving over from SSE for your energy, you should have access to your OVO online account once you’ve had your email from OVO about joining from SSE. Can’t log in? Use this link to activate your account:


You’re able to submit any FiT or SEG generation / export reading directly with OVO’s support team, who can add it to an internal form and send it to the right team. 


I’m sorry that you’ve had difficulty getting through to us. It’s not an excuse, but given the price cap news and energy crisis making headlines, a lot of people are quite rightly asking questions about their payments and tariffs. We’re working as hard as we can to get to everyone and we thank you for your patience. 




Hi everyone, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble submitting your latest export or generation readings in to the Feed-In Tariff (FiT) or Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) team.


You should be able to do this via the automated email you receive quarterly. If a link isn’t showing on the email we sent, or if you never got the email, our main Support team are able to add this to an internal form on your behalf, which will get sent to OVO’s FIT team. You can send over the reading (and a link to this topic if need be) via online chat


You’ll always receive a confirmation email once the reading has been successfully submitted.


Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

My last payment for my fit payments was June from sse. When I phoned about my sept reading I was informed Ovo now had my ac. I have given sept and dec reading but no payment. No welcome pack and pure lies from one of the agents saying my sept payment was due in a few days which never happened. Is anyone getting a payment. I understand they work different and payments are meant to come just before next reading . How long before they get it sorted and you receive a payment anyone  know.  

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I was transferred from SSE in June 2022 and received the Welcome email, telling me that I didn’t have to do anything and Ovo would be in touch shortly. Ovo still haven’t contacted me but I’m fed-up of contacting them.

Initially I sent my readings for 30/06/2022 to the email address. It’s pointless you doing that because nobody looks at the emails. My issue is that I’ve never received an account number, without which I can’t submit readings online.

I telephone the FITs number and that is a struggle in itself. I’ve had operators tell me they’ll look into it and don’t. I’ve had them tell me they are working through the outstanding cases and will eventually get to mine. I’ve had them just ring off. I had one tell me that if I expressed my interest in solar panels on their website, they’d then contact me and allocate an account number. Some have been honest and told me there’s nothing they can do without an account number.

My last conversation was the most productive. I was told that as they don’t have my details, SSE can’t have migrated my account yet so why don’t I contact them (the last time I spoke to them was when they told me I’d been transferred and there was nothing more they could do)? I rang SSE up and they told me I’d been transferred on the 26th July. I got them to ring OVO while I was still on the line - what a laugh that was - I was passed to four different operators before I got to somebody who could deal with my problem. He’s raised the issue and given me a case number and told me it will be sorted in five working days. I know they won’t do this and I’ll have to ring them again, but at least I now have a case number.

I’m owed for three quarters of FITs payments - just under £1,500. If you haven’t yet received a payment, have they given you an account number? If they haven’t, they’ll ignore your readings. If you have, then that’s outside the bounds of my experience and I can’t really comment other than to tell you what you already know - OVO is the most inefficient, incompetent and uncaring company in the Western World.

I’ve gone through the phoning back and forth and getting no where. I did get a case number last phone call. I asked for my account number which is really your old one with some extra letters. I’m 2 payments that are now due to me. Gave last one 1st of dec. I was told it will be paid in March.  When next reading is due. I don’t hold out much hope. I will wait and if it doesn’t come I will put a complaint in. Martian Lewis might be the man for this.  !! 

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Complaining? It’s water off a duck’s back. They don’t care. I’ve sent emails to the chairman and complained to OFGEM and had no result. Our problem is that we are complaining because OVO owes us money, rather than that OVO are charging us too much. It’s the latter that excites public sympathy rather than the former.

I think sse should of informed us first so we could make a decision if we wanted to go with Ovo. I know anytime I’ve moved house that has had panels it’s a nightmare to get your first payment started. Takes at least 6 to 9 months. Just wondering if this is the case here. I get plenty emails but all about Ovo events. I wonder if they have our money and are sitting on it. They do have to ask for it first before they payout. That would be interesting to find out. I will phone again on Monday to see what crap they come out with. Do they ever come on here and give any response I wonder. 

I finally got paid at the end of November for my FIT, I am absolutely fuming with the unacceptable delay between reading and payment,  SSE used to pay within 2 weeks of receiving the reading but all I can conclude is that OVO are worried about not getting paid as they wait to be paid before paying us.

I can't understand why SSE sold out to this awful company? I did at least get an account but even that's awful as I went to login to have a look at my bill only to find that there was no record due to without so much as a courtesy email advising me of the change I had been switched to monthly billing!!😡😡 Fuming doesn't even come close 😤 

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They do sometimes, in a roundabout way. They have a couple of responders who always insist they don’t work for OVO, but are volunteers who are just there to provide information if it’s needed. They’ll steer well clear of this one though.

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I’m one of them and I insist I don’t work for OVO😂.

Those who do are Tim_OVO and Emmanuelle_OVO. They’ll respond during office hours.

Hopefully Tim_OVO will respond 🤞🏻

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They do sometimes, in a roundabout way. They have a couple of responders who always insist they don’t work for OVO, but are volunteers who are just there to provide information if it’s needed. They’ll steer well clear of this one though.

Wrong @marshallar. I work for myself but happen to be an OVO customer and like @juliamc and others try to help where we can. I don’t get this idea that unless people agree you think it’s good to be antagonistic towards them as well. I quite get that customers want responses but this forum is a ‘self-help’ group not usually one to reach out info on your account. 
Sorry if that sounds wrong to you

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I am also one of those forum volunteers and another happy OVO customer. :P

In actual fact, I tend to reply to well over 90% of all threads posted to this forum in one way or another. There’s somewhere in the region of 10-11 of us and we’re always around. Just that you don’t always see us.

Full disclosure: I have considered getting a job at OVO, but have never landed one yet.

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Hey @Lynda mac1234,


Really sorry to hear of the issues you’re having.


Unfortunately, we don’t have access to customer accounts here on the Forum.


You can contact our FiT Team on 0330 303 5063 and selecting ‘4’ when the IVR instructs you to do so.


If you’ve already tried this, and don’t feel you’ve had the support or resolution you needed. There is the option to raise a complaint, you can find out more about our Complaint Procedure here.


Hope this helps you get the resolution you need. 

Like so many other folks I’m also waiting for payment since February last year - where do we go from here, OVO obviously has little interest in making FiT payments or this would have been sorted months ago.  The service from SSE was exmplary by comparison with this collection of clowns.

I’ve been asked twice to verify my meter by photograph - both were acknowledged as correct but no reading request or payment.

The phone number given (0330 303 5063) now has NO OPTION 4 to contact the FiT team.

Maybe a poor Trustpilot review or Resolva can sort this out?

OVO are selling my solar powered electricity at huge profit and not paying for it.

Seriously pi**ed off.


Anyone else getting delays in payments from fit ? My last payment was due end of September and still received nothing. Called two weeks ago and got straight through and was told it was pending and would be with me within a few days ! It’s now January and still nothing. I have been on hold for over an hour for the last 3 days trying to get through to customer service. I’m stuck as to what to do 

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Hey @Huntdave,


Really sorry to hear this, 


Have you changed bank account details since your last payment? If you call the FiT Team on 0330 303 5063 and press ‘4’ when the IVR instructs you to do so you should get directly through to them. 

Hi option 4 does not work! Been trying all morning again to get through on all numbers !! Next step will be ombudsman 

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Why won't OVO pay FIT payments. They owe me £340 for June to September. Absolute disgrace since SSE switched me to OVO. NO response just getting ' we will respond  within 5 days. Seems they aren't paying anyone. Will we get interest ?

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Hey @Huntdave,


Really sorry to hear this,


If you feel a complaint is the next step, you’ll need to go through our Complaints Procedure before you’re able to escalate to the Ombudsman. Hopefully they are able to resolve this for you, before this is necessary.


Hope this helps. 

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Hey @mwalim,


I’m really sorry to hear this,


Have you tried calling 0330 303 5063 and pressing ‘4’ when the IVR instructs you to do so? This is the best way to get directly in touch with the FiT Team. 


Hope this helps. 

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Tried this 3 times but it tells me'something went wrong please try again. No luck so far.

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Hello Emanuelle,

Thanks, managed to get through at last and payments for June to December promised before end of February. AT LAST.

Note, initial prompt press 2 ( not an OVO member), then 4 at next prompt. 

I've looked at Forum postings and it seems I am not alone in not receiving my FiT payments.

Despite submitting photographic evidence of my 30 September 2022 reading, I still have not received either statement or payment. I have also informed OVO FiT by email about the necessary replacement of a faulty generation meter. I let OVO know about this in early December 2022. I've been chasing up the non payment of the third quarter for months. I have emailed OVO multiple times with no response other than the 'we'll get back to you' automated reply. I've rung - waited nearly an hour each time only to be cut off. I was promised a call back on webchat, to only have that cancelled because the FiT team were 'too busy'. I have Tweeted, sent Twitter direct messages, Facebook messenger and used OVO online webchat. All I ever get is lied to, fobbed off, excuses or simply ignored. This is utterly shameful.

All I want is my third quarter generation payment, so long overdue, and acknowledgment of the meter change and how the fourth quarter payment will be calculated and paid.

OVO customer services are non-existent 


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If it’s about FiT, the best option is actually 0330 303 5063. If you’re a FiT-Only member, you’ll get straight through to FiT Support. If you have a gas or electric supply with OVO as well, you’ll be asked to choose which team to speak to.