Ex SSE - Electricity gone up from £139/month to £622!!! Not allowed to provide meter reading!

  • 23 September 2022
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What is going on. My account is still with SSE. All of a sudden without notification they are charging me £622/month for electricity when I was always paying £139 and was in credit! The started this in August. SEE website tells me that I cannot submit a meter reading while my account is being moved to OVO. Are they expecting that I pay £622/month again? I don t have this sort of money. That is like a mortgage? Who can afford this. It is outrageous.


1 reply

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Hey @John Richard Miller,


Sorry for the issues you’ve had. 


I’d advise getting in touch with SSE as soon as possible to discuss this.


As it is account specific I can only speculate as to what might have happened here.


If you have a smart meter, it may have stopped communicating and so you’ve received a high estimated bill. Or, if you haven’t submitted a manual reading for a while and a recent reading you’ve submitted is higher than the previous estimates this could cause a large arrears.


Have you recently come out of a fixed contract? Energy prices have increased significantly. So if you were in a fixed rate tariff you have recently come out of, it’s possible your direct debit has been recalculated based on the new rates. 


We have a great FAQ page which might help answer any further questions you have about the switch from SSE to OVO


We’ve also got a page with FAQs dedicated to the Energy Bills Support Scheme.

And OVO’s Customer Support Package: everything you need to know


Hope this helps.