Estimated readings too high as property is empty - How can I correct these as I can't submit readings on my online account?

  • 6 January 2022
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My property is empty, and is using only minimal energy (electric).


Ovo are showing estimated readings on my account, which are far higher than the actual readings.


When I try to enter the actual true reading, it is saying is that correct, have I made a mistake, when I know that I have not, they are the true readings.


How can I get Ovo to accept the correct readings, as the bill is £136.00, and should be less than £10.00.


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2 replies

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I have just spoken to Mitchell at Ovo


and he said that the previous figues from SSE have migrated over, and that the consumption was higher when the property was occupied.


Now that the property is sitting empty, then they have to confirm the new readings. I feel happier now, thank you.


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Once again looks like the Support Team has already managed to get this one sorted for you, @Alan'sOVO.


Sounds like the Estimated Annual Consumption (EAC) of your property, which is used to generate any estimated readings is much higher than what’s currently being used now the house is empty. As I’m sure the Team have already reassured you, now we’ve got the accurate readings logged any over-estimated charges will be corrected.


If the property’s due to remain empty for the time being we’d recommend submitting a meter reading monthly (ideally the day before your billing date) to ensure you’re billed accurately or even better you might want to consider getting a free smart meter installed which would send these readings automatically. :wink:


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