Dual rate meter, no storage heaters - do I submit my readings as Economy 7?

  • 13 February 2018
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I've just submitted my first readings. The options were Single rate meter or Economy 7. Well it's not single rate so I selected Economy 7 and submitted the Day and Night readings. But my previous statements don't mention Economy 7 only Day and Night rates. We have no storage heaters, we have a new air source heat pump, so how am I going to be charged?

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Great to hear that you’ve already submitted your first set of readings. Sounds like your meter is a dual-register meter, meaning it will give you two readings. These type of meters are traditionally paired with an Economy 7 or 10 plan, with a cheaper unit rate charged for one of the registers (usually the register which clocks your night usage).


Firstly If you’ve got a traditional dual-rate meter you might need to work out which reading is which (for help figuring this out - check this relevant topic). When you come to submit these readings on the ‘Meter Readings’ page of your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS) there should be 2 boxes showing automatically. If there’s only one box to enter your reading, reach out to our Support Team who’ll be able to look into this for you.


Whilst dual-register meters were installed to offer you a cheaper unit rate on one register, if the circumstances have changed since the meter was installed (for example the storage heaters have been removed) you may have been placed on a single rate plan. You’ll still need to enter both sets of readings but your usage will be charged the same not matter when it’s used.


If you’re no longer benefiting from having a 2-rate meter, this could be the perfect opportunity to upgrade to a smart meter which can be changed to a single register mode once it’s been installed, read more about this here.


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