Do I need to submit a meter reading on April 1st?

Do I need to submit a meter reading on April 1st?
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If you’re an OVO member currently on our variable plan, Simpler Energy, your unit rates and standing charges will change from 1 April, in line with Ofgem’s price cap changes.


Do you need to submit a meter reading today?


If you’ve got a smart meter


As long as your smart meter sends us your readings remotely at least every day, there’s nothing that you need to do. You can tell this by looking at your online account: once you’ve logged in, look for the tile that says: "Your smart meter is sending them to us automatically. Nice one!"


You can check the readings we receive from your smart meter on the meter readings page of the OVO app (download for Android or iOS). 


Your plan’s prices will update on your online account, smart meter and In-Home Display automatically. This means we’ll bill you accurately from the 1st using the new unit rates.


If your smart meter only sends us your readings once a month, we’d recommend you submit a meter reading manually tomorrow via your online account.

Not sure how to read your smart meter manually? You can find out how here.


If you’ve got a traditional (non smart) meter 


We’d recommend submitting a set of readings as close to the 1st as you can. This will make sure we start charging the new rates from an accurate point in your usage. The quickest way to submit a meter reading is via your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS). 

First time sending readings this way? There’s a guide with all the information here.


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Just checked my Smart2 Meter and IHD at 0830 today.     My IHD is showing the NEW daily rate as 30.96p today 31/3.  The Smart Meter is showing 21.98 which I think is correct.   I thought it wasn’t going to rise until 01 Apr./

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That’s right. The rates will only officially rise as of tomorrow (Friday 1st April 2022) when the price cap allows it. In the meantime, the rates on your meter and IHD are a guide only and are not used for billing. Any reading submitted today will use the current rates.

How can I submit a reading tonight fir my gas and electric with being on a smart metre? 🤔 

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Hi @Sueboo ,

If you have your account details and a meter reading handy, you can call 0330 303 5063 and choose option 1, then follow the instructions. That’s the easiest way to make sure it gets through quickly at a time like this.

If your Smart Meter is running in Daily or Half-Hourly Mode though and is submitting readings reliably, you don’t need to do anything. Your meter will take care of it all for you.

I dont know how often it sends a reading. Thanks for your help. I'll phone the number just to make sure. 🙂

Just tried to phone and they closed at 6pm. 

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Option 1 is always active for the automated system. The other way is to go to https://my.ovoenergy.com and submit via MyOVO, but it won’t work if you have a smart meter.

If you call the number again and press 1 as soon as the call is answered, you should get through to the meter reading system.

Done it! Thanks do much for your help. 🙂

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Some great advice here from @Blastoise186 



That’s right. The rates will only officially rise as of tomorrow (Friday 1st April 2022) when the price cap allows it. In the meantime, the rates on your meter and IHD are a guide only and are not used for billing. Any reading submitted today will use the current rates.


Just in case you hadn’t spotted it we’ve also got more info on whether you need to supply readings on price cap change days here - and more support and advice on the price changes here too.

Do i need to submit photographs of my meter reading for 31st march 2022?

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Hey there @charlie58 !

Nope, unless OVO requests a photo, you just need to submit the readings themselves. You can either use MyOVO, the OVO Energy app for Android and iOS, or call 0330 303 5063 and choose option 1 for the automated meter reading system.

Feel free to keep a photo of the readings for your own records if you wish though.

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With the big rise in the price cap on 1st April,

you would have thought that if there is 1 day my meter readings need to be accurate! It would be the day of this huge price increase,

 Unfortunately my accounts show an estimated reading for the 1st of April, 

At the end of the day, as an end user, the estimated readings could possibly leave me out of pocket by a few pence or more if it it had been underestimated,


But if I were to be cynical!  even at an error of 20p for gas & .20p for electric X’s 5 million+ customers, that equates to a hell of a lot of 000000’s ££££ against ovo’s bank balance.


I have no doubt that my  smart meter readings are sitting on ovo’s servers somewhere, but for now, ovo have decided to use estimated data.

of course there is always a chance that they will use the actual readings when they publish my monthly bill in a couple of weeks time, 

only time will tell….




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With apologies for stating the obvious, I’m sure you will have taken your own readings (and photos - emailing them to yourself is a good way to generate evidence of when the photos were taken). My experience would lead me to take absolutely nothing for granted, and to be ready with evidence if it comes to a disagreement (that you have the energy to pursue. Pun unintended).

Good luck.

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Actually, it’s worth noting that there’s many reasons why a meter reading can fail to go through. The most common one being simply a case of the meters temporarily losing connection to DCC, which is a scenario well beyond OVO’s control. It’s preferable to avoid speculating if you don’t know the full story. That’s something I’ve learned in the nearly two years I’ve been here - and Tom’s unique setup and circumstances add to that as well.

It was also made worse because Martin Lewis basically caused what I’d consider to be a massive DDoS Attack against basically every supplier last week, when literally everyone - in some cases unnecessarily - stormed their meter readings through all in one go, even though it’s possible to submit at anytime and your supplier would do a best effort to balance the usage across both rates appropriately. It’s possible that this resulted in a lot of dropped smart meter readings, but without access to the logs, I’d have no way to prove or dismiss that possibility.

Once your meters come back online, the next reading should follow this same rule - OVO’s system will try to figure out how best to handle it.

As for photos? To be honest, the photos themselves would include timestamps anyway which are more reliable than email timestamps as long as you don’t try to cheat the system. Even your OS can extract the timestamp by itself, so there’s no need to do anything fancy. Naturally, being me, I do know of many ways to “cheat” these things, but I hope you can understand why I don’t reveal them.

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Sorry to hear there’s been an estimated reading on the price cap change day, @TomThumb.


As mentioned in this topic, if there’s a lack of smart meter readings received on this day, which is most likely due to a communication issue with your meter, we’re still able to log this for you manually. If you haven’t already we’d recommend logging one via the meter readings page of your online account or by dropping the Support Team a line.


Hope this helps put your mind at ease.