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  • 23 September 2022
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I’m currently on a fixed tariff and in October I will move to a variable tariff. As a result my monthly recommend DD will increase. I’m lucky enough to have a positive amount in my account, nearly £1,500. Taking into account the recommend increase in my DD will be £75 will I be able to keep my DD at its current price and use the positive account balance to cover the additional £75 or should I ask for a refund instead?

3 replies

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Hey @NoelR,


Welcome to the OVO Online Community. 


As this is account specific, I won’t be able to answer your question.


You’ll be given your new Simpler Variable rates when your plan ends in October. Your direct debit will be recalculated. Your credit balance will be included in the direct debit calculation. We have some great guides which might help:





If your credit balance is enough to cover the increased rates over a 12 month period you won’t need to increase your direct debit.


If you’d prefer to get a refund check out this tutorial you may find useful:



We also have a FAQ page on this topic.


Hope this helps.

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Thanks Emmanuel . If my balance is included in the calculations then that’s just what I wanted. Thank you. 

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If you look on this page ever, it never takes account of any credit

If you look at this page it always takes into account any credit