Difficulty contacting OVO/Boost Support Team - Who's my supplier?

  • 17 February 2022
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Hello, I hope someone can help.  I am in limbo and I can't get any help.  I have been told by Ovo that I am supplied by Boost and I have been told by Boost that I am supplied by Ovo.  I seem to be stuck in the middle.  Boost has told me that they can't manage my account because my meters are not pay as you go.  I have called, emailed, and text Ovo but can’t find a solution.  Has anyone else had this kind of a problem?


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Hi @SupplierLimbo ,

This is actually quite a tricky one to figure out and it’s not something I can do as a forum volunteer I’m afraid. If your meters aren’t in Prepayment Mode, that would suggest you’re on OVO as Boost doesn’t touch anything on Pay Monthly. It’s a rare issue though and doesn’t happen very often.

If you haven’t already, I’d recommend OVO’s Complaints Process to try and get things resolved. If it turns out you’re on Boost and would like to switch to OVO this can also be requested via the Support Team who can assist with that once your account has been fixed.

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This does sound like a bit of a complicated one, @SupplierLimbo - and difficult for us to advise the best course of action without checking the details of your account.


I’ve sent you a Private message to follow this up with you directly. 

Blastoise186 thanks for your comment.  I have already made a complaint but it has been ignored. 

I need help!

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You’re welcome.

It looks like Jess wants to try to chase this issue up directly herself, but she’ll need your consent before she can go any further. Please reply to the PM she’s sent you as this might help you to get things resolved. I’m afraid I can’t resolve account specific issues myself because as a forum volunteer, I’m not allowed to access OVO’s internal systems.

If you use this link: you’ll get to your PM Inbox. From there, click on Show Conversation just below the PM that Jess has sent to bring it up. Here’s an example of how that looks - I sent myself a PM for this example.


Hi all, 

So I've recently moved into a new house and I was left a gas card and key.

When putting my gas card into the meter it says call help. Only problem. Is my job is 8am until 6pm and i cant really use my phone based on the type of work and the call centre is only monday to friday

Any ideas

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You could try webchat or WhatsApp

or if you want to contact at the weekend, DM to their Facebook or Twitter pages

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It’s also worth noting you need to get this resolved sooner rather than later. Call Help means the meter has detected a fault that could cause your supply to disconnect if you ignore the alert.

Both OVO PAYG and Boost PAYG phone lines are open on Saturday mornings as well for PAYG emergencies like this.