Credit amount reduced with switch to Ovo

  • 12 January 2022
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Ive just been moved from sse to ovo. My Sse account was showing as over £130 in credit. now the sse app takes me to ovo website which shows only £36 credit even though Ive paid £40 DD in January so whete has my credit gone? 

7 replies

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Hiya @Tara , you’re up late. :)

I’m Blastoise186, one of the forum volunteers. I can’t access your account but I’m a dab hand at puzzle solving.

Firstly, you’ll no longer be able to use the MySSE app, so you might want to uninstall it. You can get the OVO Energy app for Android and iOS from the respective app stores or use the web version via though.

I’d also recommend checking your SSE online account for the Final Bill - your credit balance would have been used to pay this off just before the account transferred over and all leftover credit is being transferred. If you had Dual-Fuel with SSE, this credit might transfer over in two stages and it’ll be combined into a single balance once it reaches your new OVO account. The Final Bill should provide further details as to what happened.

As for the Direct Debit, it might just be that it’s still in transit and hasn’t reached OVO yet. It takes a further two working days after the date the money leaves your bank account before OVO receives the money and applies it to your balance. So if you only paid it this week, it might just be on the way through the banking system still.

If it doesn’t show up by this Friday though, please let the Support Team know and they’ll try to trace it for you and if needed, they can manually force it through the system. 0345 071 7972 is the dedicated number as you’ve migrated from SSE. They’ll help you out if you need them to.

If you need a hand with anything else, feel free to stop by. :)

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 Welcome @Tara - both to OVO and to our lovely little online community here - 


See you’ve already met our community volunteer, @Blastoise186, who has provided some expert tips which I hope have helped to explain the balance discrepancy you’ve spotted.


As this is something we’ve had raised here by other recently migrated SSE members we’ve also passed your feedback on to the team to make sure the advice you’ve received about the transfer of your account balance is clear enough.


Do keep us posted here if you’ve since noticed an update to your OVO account balance or have any further questions about moving from SSE to OVO. We’re always happy to help you get settled in to your new OVO online account:slight_smile:

I dont understand If I pay monthly..every month £40 how my bill could be the monthly £40s plus over £100 of credit..thats extortionate!!

Also why has the £36 credit now reduced due to paying a daily standing charge??? I pay everything monthly by DD. Never had this fiasco with sse! Cant even access bill prior to January for sse. 

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Hello again.

If you’ve checked your Final Bill from SSE and things still don’t look right, I’d definitely recommend discussing this with the Support Team on the number above, as I can’t access your account from here as a forum volunteer. While I can give general advice, this sounds very much like an account-specific issue, which I’m unable to help with. The Support Team can also send you copies of your old SSE bills via email on request at no extra charge.

As for your account balance however, don’t worry. You’ll still be billed monthly and will get monthly bills, just like you had with SSE. But if you had quarterly bills with SSE, then OVO will also issue you quarterly bills as well. However, OVO’s billing platform works a bit differently in that your account balance runs on a more real-time basis. It’s not so much a fiasco per se, and more of a feature.

The idea is that you can always see how much account credit you’ve got left right now, after all known charges have been accounted for even before the bill arrives. Most suppliers don’t do this and instead just leave the balance untouched until bills are generated, but OVO takes this approach instead to help improve accuracy and transparency with your bills. The full details can always be found under Billing History at anytime.

If you submit a meter reading for example, your account balance will update within 90 seconds to reflect that, but the actual credit won’t be “taken” from your account officially until after the next bill has been generated. It’s more of a convenience feature than anything else, but as long as your payments are going through each month, please rest assured that your account credit will not suddenly go missing without a trace.


Thanks. I will call them.

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Hope the Support Team has already managed to help get the billing discrepancies cleared up, @Tara.


Just wanted to pop back as you mentioned not being able to see any of your SSE bills from before January - Our migration team has recently advised us that when your account is moved from SSE to OVO up to 2 years worth of your previous SSE bills are also moved over, so you should be able to access these by logging in to your OVO online account and heading over to the ‘Billing history page’ - You can even download a full copy of the statements if you need to keep a record of them for future reference. Did you manage to get logged in yet, @Tara


You might also find this topic helpful:


It gives a full run-down of how our live-billing platform works. As @Blastoise186 mentioned it’s slightly different way of doing things, but we hope once you get to grips with it, you’ll see the benefit of having a more up-to date view of your account balance and what you’ve been using each month.


Let us know if you’ve got any more questions on this new way of billing, we’re keen to make sure our newly joining members have a clear understanding of the great tools available on your new online account! :slight_smile: