Changing your Direct Debit date on your online account or OVO app

  • 1 October 2021
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Changing your Direct Debit date on your online account or OVO app
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Had a change of payday or just want to rearrange when we collect your monthly Direct Debit? You can easily get this updated by logging in to your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS):


Exact appearance may vary


From here, head on over to the ‘Payments’ menu option:


Exact appearance may vary


You’ll just need to scroll down slightly to see this box:


Exact appearance may vary


This will give a handy reminder of what date your payments are currently being taken, as well as the option to ‘Change Direct Debit date’:


Exact appearance may vary

Click the drop-down menu to select the date you’d prefer your payment to be made. It’s worth bearing in mind that any changes made in the next 5 working days won’t take effect until next month.


Once selected you’ll see this message:



Here it confirms the date you selected, as well as your next scheduled payment date. These may be different if your next payment date falls on a weekend (as in the example above!)


You’ll receive an email notifying you of this change and this will also be reflected on the Direct Debit info shown if you refresh you Homepage.


Bish!Bash!Bosh! Payments adjusted without even needing to call. :smiley:

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