Can we get access to the live usage API?

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+1 for API access

My use case:

To integrate it into a home automation system - show daily/monthly/yearly usage along with pricing maybe? I would love to have this show up on my home automation system - would be the first UK company to have this option and functionality - and also home automation is becoming a more wider sought-after tech required in a modern day home.

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Hey coders,


We might have an update on this in the not too distant future, I can’t share any more just yet, but it’s being looked into.


More to come on this in 2020….

I swapped from OVO to E-On and then back again. When I was with E-ON they installed a Liberty Smart Meter and everything worked no problems even when swapping back to OVO. Recently though the real time usage indicator has stopped working, why is this??? I still get accurate bills so the meter is obviously working but no display which is really annoying when you have solar panels and the meter is monitoring both usage and export.
Hope this feature has not been disabled!!
Hi, please could you add my location to the API, for a geolocation based energy consumption use case.



@TerryE I tried to run your script but it’s erroring for me - something is wrong with the authentication.   Does the password field need to be in a certain format?   I left all of the quotes in place.


pi@raspberrypi:~/Documents $ python2 
{"message":"No refresh token cookie or authorization header sent","redirect":""}
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 86, in <module>
File "", line 78, in main
File "", line 50, in __init__
self.account = json.loads(resp.content)['accountIds'][0]
KeyError: 'accountIds'
pi@raspberrypi:~/Documents $



I would love to have access to the live trial! I am developing a MagicModule to gather info about your home (heating, etc) and this would be great!



Hi Tim, can you add me to your trial list please?


Hi Both,

If you PM Tim or myself your full name, account number and date of birth, we can add you to the trial.

Hey there, I've just signed up as part of the community to see if I can join in on the trials - would you mind adding me if I send the required PM?


Hey Siggy0 - I've just dropped you a PM. ^Emily
Hey @VibroAxe

If you can send @Tim_OVO a PM with your account number, name and DoB - he'll add you to a list for any future API trials we might do!

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Hey @sam_cat

Welcome to the OVO forum family! Thanks for your comment. Great to have you on board.

@Tim_OVO will make sure you get added to the list!

There's lots going on across the forum, so check it out and get involved. Don't forget to introduce yourself over in the Anything but Energy forum. :)

We look forward to getting to know you!

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It’s in their longer term road map but I can’t give a specific date at this stage - watch this space (but it won't be possible to extract data directly from the meter as this can only be done via a CAD)!

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Hello -

I came to the forums looking for API information so I'd like to be included in the trial too.


Cool! Drop me a private message @sfgreenwood and I can also get you added to the list.

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Great stuff guys! We can add you to a list for any future trials.

@johnk @jadam @Fordy - can you guys send me a private message with your name, DoB and OVO account number?

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Hi Lucy / Tom,

Am I too late to be added into the API trial ?

Has anyone got any datasets yet ?


I think you may have missed the first ones but can add you to the other list. Just pop me a private message with your name, DoB and OVO account number. :)

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Thanks Lucy. In terms of the overall goal of allowing households to understand and control energy consumption so we can meet our climate change obligations, I think that these kinds of mashups are going to be huge.

I'd love to take part in a beta/early access/MVP programme with your development team for this functionality. I understand that you guys are following an agile approach, but it would be good to know how far this stuff is down your backlog.

How about this, Gareth - we’ll drop you a PM and confirm your contact details when we get a concrete time frame on this? That way, you can be at the front of the line for any customer testing we need doing! :$

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I'd also be interested in having a play with an API if/when it is available.

Could I also suggest simply making the data for a specified date range available as a downloadable CSV?

I would expect that this would be much easier to implement than an API (mainly because it wouldn't require the OAuth or similar authentication infrastructure that would be needed for the API), and would allow customers to analyse their own data in Excel or whatever without needing the programming skills required to use an API.


Great stuff, rgphilpott.

I've passed on your suggestions, and I'm looking to get something together so that 'up for it' customers can get involved in testing these new smart features. Bare with me with this one!

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And whilst we’re at it, let’s tag @NinjaGeek too. He might want to playing with this as well.


Just in case you missed this, @NinjaGeek - check out the latest in this thread and the work done by @g-de@Jequinlan, Timmo and other contributors

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@GarethMarlow and rgphilpott - I've sent you a PM about this, so check it out when you can! 🆒

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Hi Tim,

I'm also interested in the live data aspects. It would be great to be able to see export data for PV on the myovo smart usage at some time in the future.

Sounds good, @didge05

I'll send you a PM to get the info I need!

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+1 to the interested people in using an API or any type of direct access to my own consumption data (didn't sign up for the smart meter yet, but would do it ASAP if there was any way to get the raw data in any friendly format).


@jmontalvo I'll send you a PM now to get some details, and get you added to that list. Bear in mind that you'll need smart meters to be part of any trials.

Here's how to book in your meter fitting appointment:

If you're a Pay as you go customer:

If you're a Pay monthly customer:

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I'd also like to take part in any customer trial to be able to get access to my energy usage data via an API or some other method.

I'm just in the process of changing supplier back to OVO after a short spell away. I have an OVO smart meter from when I was last with OVO and was pleased to find out that it will regain its smarts again when my energy supply switches back to OVO in a few weeks.

Like several others in this thread I'm also dabbling with home automation (using Home Assistant & Node-Red). I was considering whether it would be possible to develop something to scrape the information from the OVO website but I'd much prefer to get the data by a properly supported means. I'm quite happy to develop appropriate support into either or both of the HA apps when an official API is available to get at the energy data.



It's great to hear you're on your way back to us @adec and that you're keen for some trials.

I'll send you a PM now to get the account info I need to get you added to our list of live usage pioneers.

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Hi I would also like to take part in the live trial initially I'd like to compare my usage data with my temperature logging system I'm setting up but am very much looking to expand this into a more whole home monitoring system.


Peter Mitchell

Great to hear, @Pramsbottom

I'll PM you now to confirm the account info needed and then I can add you to our list!

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Please add me to any API trial list :-)

I'll PM you now to get those deets, @Ceejay 🆒

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Hey guys,

Not sure if you are still looking for beta testers of the API but we just had our smart meters installed today and I would love to play around with the data from our house to do some data visualisation.

Let me know what you need from me.



I'd love to get access to a data API as well. How "live" is it?

So then @alexbaulch @Random - I'll need your account number, name and DoB via a PM to get you added to our live data trial. I'll send you a PM now to get this thread started.

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Hi Guys

I would very much like access to your live data trial.
We are currently looking at building an Alexa skill to support OVO energy usage.

How can I apply for access?

I'll send you a PM now to get your details @maccordingley 🆒
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Hi @Tim_OVO

Count me in please! I have a home automation system that I have worked on using several different APIs and would love to include gas/electric consumption too

Sounds like a plan, @AKWillows - I'll PM you now to get you added to our list!