Can OVO help replace my boiler?

  • 21 September 2018
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Boiler is coming up to 10 years old, although the boiler is supposedly energy efficient it has a feature on it where the boiler fires up every hour for some reason, the British Gas engineer says that modern boilers don't do this and the heating up feature is a waste of gas as there's no way of turning it off. Also the boiler has a low output and in the winter it takes forever and a day to get the water hot, when filling a bath you have to trickle the water in otherwise the water is just lukewarm.

Both my wife and I are on benefits and don't have much disposable income, so was wondering if any companies, agencies provide a free boiler replacement or provide one at a reduced cost. Thanks for taking the time to read this and look forward to any replies.

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3 replies

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Sorry to hear that your boiler doesn’t seem to be running at peak performance there. Sounds like you’ve already taken our recommended first step of contacting a gas-safe engineer to give things the once over.


If an engineer has deemed your boiler faulty, we’d recommend getting in touch with the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) who may be able to offer advice on getting things repaired or applying for funding for a boiler replacement.


Hope this helps work out the best option for you going forwards.

Hi all,

I have no idea where to start with getting a new boiler, I moved into a 5th floor flat in summer and the boiler had problems when I moved in. It's a really old combi boiler and the gas man said that it would need replacing fairly soon when I first moved in.

Now winter has come and the boiler is not ignoring, rather than fixing the problem I would rather just get a new boiler so I can (hopefully) have less future hassle.

The good news is I am working away for the next month and only coming back 2 days a week so the lack of hot water isn't a massively urgent issue.

But my question is How do I know what sort of boiler is good and do any of you have any recommendations?

And also how does the boiler installation process go? Can I buy and have it installed by the same company or are the two done separately?

Thanks for reading!
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Hi @MikeC, I've moved your question over here, as @Nancy_OVO comment should help 🙂