Can I go back to normal metering as I find the smart meter stressful?

  • 5 August 2022
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Hello All, 


Firstly, sorry, if this in the wrong place. 


I’m now 4 weeks into a new electric smart meter but I find the live status and changes in the online account portal, very stressful. I keep topping up with extra payments but I don’t think I should as the credit amount covers the upcoming month’s bills. 


From 8 weeks, the portal should show recommendations for my Direct Debit and/or credit amounts. 


I’d appreciate any advice. 


Many Thanks, 





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Hi @youngeru2 ,

I’m afraid there’s no going back once you’ve had the smart meter upgrade as downgrades are almost never allowed. The final chance to cancel (from memory) is either when the engineer phones up the day before to check you’re still OK to go ahead, or when they arrive for the appointment and haven't done any work yet.

Once the upgrade is done, the old meters are taken away and either destroyed or put into spare inventory. You can’t get them back after that.

My advice would be to try not to panic quite so much about your bills. You’ll still get monthly bills anyway and I’d probably recommend relying more on those than the live balance in your case.

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@Blastoise186  thanks a lot for that. 


I find change quite difficult. so plan on doing what you said by focusing on the end of the month billing rather than the live balance. 


Many thanks,