Billing system fault

  • 24 November 2022
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I am new to OVO, having only inherited a supply in July.

My property is empty and the power turned off. The smart meter has recorded a usage of 6 units so far.

I have received a bill and paid it. Today I have an email to say there’s been a fault with the system and I owe almost £1,000 !

I am only asking if anyone else is aware of any billing system faults please?

Thank you in advance.

3 replies

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Hi @churcha ,

This sounds like an extremely rare issue. Have you spoken to the Support Team yet? . Or the Collections Team on 0800 069 9831 ?

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Thanks for flagging this, @churcha - very strange to hear about this bill. If you’ve moved into a house supplied by OVO, the point that we charge you from is dependent on the date of the move in, and the meter reading used. If we estimated a reading and then an actual reading was provided (for example, from the previous occupier), a rebill can be prompted. See our Moving Home guide here

The best thing to do will be to get an actual meter reading from the property, and make sure we have it, by submitting it online. Whilst you’re on the online account, have a look at the bill and the readings used, have a look at the usage sections. That way you can better identify what’s happened. If need be, our Support team are on hand as @Blastoise186 has mentioned. 

Hi Tim, many thanks for that, it’s appreciated. I received a call from OVO in respect of this.

The long and short of this is that the lady informed me that she had taken a ‘live reading’ from my smart meter, and recalculated the bill. It has changed from almost £1000 debit to a credit balance of £60+.

I am pleased that someone took this up for me, but have to admit to being perplexed as to how a ‘Smart’ meter could cause this.

Thanks again.