Bill amount has changed multiple times

  • 26 May 2023
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I hope someone can help me understand.

I pay my bill every month when it comes, normally I can roughly estimate how much I’m using. This month seems very off.

Initially when I submitted my meter reading on 23rd May it stated the bill was £104.12 and I was in credit by £13.99.

Then to my surprise I checked the next day and the bill went up to £105.03 no big deal only around £1 difference.

But I checked again this evening to see £185.73???

surely that’s not correct and I have two consumption charges for both gas and electric. With the gas looking like I’ve been charged twice for the same thing, same units.

Can anyone help me with this or is it better to give them a call?


1 reply

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Hi @Tforteefs and welcome to this customer forum. What you are looking at on those screenshots is not your bill but what they call live billing. OVO use a ‘continuous’ billing system that updates daily .. you can see an extra days standing charge also on your image. 
What you need to watch for is here where you can see previous bills and the current billing period, prior to a bill being prepared. It’s important to look at the actual bill as the gas cv value can only be calculated after the period - figures are produced by National Grid. Your billing information you are looking at is double listing but might just be caught between updates. If that part persists after the bill is produced, then it’s worth contacting them direct.