Are OVO plans very expensive?

  • 26 February 2018
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I have just come off a fixed plan, and my new standard simpler energy plan is projected at around £1800pa. A quick price comparison shows I could save around £350 of this by switching to several different suppliers.

None of the OVO fixed plans seem to offer much of a discount, even their "partner" Lumo energy. I can't even phone them to discuss this, as I am online only so calling would add £60.

It seems odd that OVO is so uncompetitively priced, but for £350 I am going to be left with little choice other than switch.

Perhaps someone from OVO can respond here as to why I should stay.



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11 replies

I switched to OVO in October. Based on my useage for the last year they quoted me a fixed price of £150 per month. Two months after switching and using the same energy as last year I have had to now up my payments to £179 a month. This is what is was paying with my previous company. I have written to them asking for an explanaion and after two weeks have received no reply. As far as I am concerned they fail on pricing and customer care. I will be switching to another more honest supplier in the spring.
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Hi @martnholland,
I think we'd need a bit more info to be able to comment publicly on this.

Firstly, I don't know whether we're discussing electricity, gas or both. Nor do you say whether this fuel is used for (central) heating, and what type you have.

I would expect OVO's quote to be based on the Tariff Comparison Rate from your previous supplier. This would have been printed on their bills/statements, and is based on your total annual consumption.

If you'd only been with OVO for 2 month before the payments were recalculated, then your increase is based on two winter months of the year, when for heating is a significant factor.

This is very difficult for us on the Forum to assess. Some customers have relatively little difference between winter and summer fuel-use, whilst others will experience great variation. The latter category would include those using partial solar-heating or solar-PV generation of course.

Personally I'd like to see the OVO online usage-graphs change to provide forward projections, both in KWh and £. After all, the algorithms used in-house by OVO for calculating whether to request that customers should increase Direct Debits must be doing just this!

If you'd like us to comment more fully, please give us some more detail. Thanks.
I am not sure if you are from OVO. I assume you are. The information you ask for is contained in the letter I wrote to you two weeks ago. It has so far, not been acknowledged or answered.

What I really would like is a comprehensive reply to my letter telling me why, after attracting my business with the offer of a lower fixed price and the promise of good, if not excellent, customer care, I am experiencing neither.
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No, I'm not from OVO.
This Forum is where customers can draw on knowledge or experience of others.

There are four Moderators, whose online names all end with _OVO. The rest of us are ordinary members of the public. We help each other.

For example, I have experience of twice previously taken my Energy Supplier (not OVO) to the Ombudsman. So I have a clear idea of how to manage a complaint. This is relevant to what you've just posted because it sounds like you need to complain that your letter hasn't been answered.

I know that it is very important to follow the relevant Complaints Procedure for your Supplier. In this case you can download a copy OVO's Complaints Procedure by clicking here.

Although you can initiate the complaint by using OVO's online feedback form, this doesn't give you a copy.

I would recommend that you contact the team through online chat on the Help Centre because that provides you with a time/date stamped copy which you refer to if matters escalate. Make sure you start your message with the word "Complaint", so that there is no doubt as to how OVO staff should respond.

Hope that helps.
Let us know how it goes.

Thank you.
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Updated on 22/04/22 by Jess_OVO

 Sorry to hear you’re thinking of leaving us. We understand that price is important and encourage members to consider all the options when deciding on a new energy plan.

Here at OVO we don’t price match. If it’s time to renew your plan, you can check the best rates we offer by logging in to your online account. There’ll be a link to check out the prices on each plan on the homepage when your plan is nearly up.

If you are comparing our plans to other suppliers, it’s always best to let them know your projected annual consumption figures which you​​​ can find on the ‘Usage’ page of your online account or OVO app (download for Android and iOS). Click on the ‘year’ tab to see your annual usage figures for gas and electricity in kWh,


Exact appearance may vary


By giving accurate usage figures you can be sure the quote you’re given is a fair comparison to our offering.

If you do decide to fly the nest we’d be sad to see you go but we won’t take it personally and will always be here if you ever want to switch back!

PS. The Self-Service Reward and Lumo plans mentioned in your post are no longer available.

OVO member but not got a smart meter yet? - Book today!


Interested but not yet an OVO member? - Check out our plans!


Thank you for that information. I will check it out.

I emailed OVO last week to lodge a complaint, so far I have not received an acknowledgment.
I wrote to them on the same subject five weeks ago, so far I have not received an acknowledgement.
One of the reasons I changed to them was because of their reputation as customer care specalists.
I have frankly had enough of them and will be changing my supplier in the next few weeks. My son who is also on OVO is also doing the same.
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Hi @martnholland,

You will note from OVO's Complaints Procedure that they aim to address complaints within 5 days, but actually the Regulator allows them up to 8 weeks because some issues are complex.

You at liberty to email again requesting that your Complaint be escalated directly to the Complaints Team because that's stage-2 of the published Procedure. If you stick to the Procedure, I am confident that you will reach a resolution.

A couple of months ago I met a new member of OVO's Customer Service Team on a trip to Bristol. The training programme was extensive and the staff are well managed. I was suitably impressed. I'm sure they will be doing what they can to find the correct person to handle what you've written.
Thank you for the reply.

My business experience dictates that if a matter is complex and may take some time to resolve you should at least send the customer an acknowledgement that their complaint has been received and action is in hand. That's what really annoys me, the utter lack of any response.

The substance of my complaint is not that difficult to answer, or so I would have thought.

How, three months after securing my custom with a two year fixed monthly price, based on my previous years useage, can they then ask for another £29 a month in such a short time. I have had to increase my direct debit from £150 a month to £179 a month which is exactly what I paid with my previous company. I moved to OVO because I thought they offered a cheaper price and good customer care. We are, afterall, encouraged to shop around.

Perhaps there is a sensible answer. I just don't know what it is.

I appreciate you do not work for OVO and it seems unfair that you should be taking the brunt of this whinge, I appologise for ranting and thank you for your response to date. They should be very pleased to have someone like you batting for them.
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Hi @martnholland and @Olly812,

Your projected Direct Debit amount will depend on a few variables, such as:

- Your average annual consumption for gas and electricity
- Whether or not this figure is accurate (have we had regular readings from you?)
- The unit rates on your selected plan
- Whether there is debit or credit on your account and if so, how much

It's easy enough to compare your unit rates (the price per KWh of gas/electricity). You can see your current rates under 'my profile' on your online account. You'll find the details of the proposed new plans on the dropdown box when you click on 'see my fixed rate plans'. This will give you the most accurate price comparison.

If you want to discuss what your Direct Debit should be, I'd advise giving the team a call on 0330 303 5063 and they'd be happy to have a chat.

 @martnholland I'm sorry to hear you've not had a reply from us. If you can send us a PM on Facebook or Twitter with your account number, full name and DoB, I can take a look into what's happened.


Ive just been told that the cheapest tariff available to your poorest customers it variable not fixed term. How the hell can that be fair to your poorest customers. It appears cheap but could incur an increase at anytime. How can that be fair to to your most vunerable customers. People will switch in droves. Is this a way of recovering your warm home discount given initially to these poor people?