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  • 21 September 2022
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1. I have a direct debit with OvO for £50 a month for gas and electricity. (I have an account that is quite a bit in credit) with OvO

  1. The. circa direct debit payments are £60 odd pound a month.

Question 1. Will I still get the full £400 paid into my bank account? Or will it be deemed that as I am a ‘low consumption user’ that is to say have a direct debit of only £50 a month….that I should get only a smaller amount than £400 paid to me over 6 months?


If I’m going to get a smaller amount than £400 maybe I’d be better off getting my credit refunded and setting up a monthly direct debit that is above £60 odd a month.


2 replies

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Hi @Logjog

Everyone gets the £400

A few days after you have paid your direct debit, OVO will put the money in your bank account.

October £66

November £66

December £67

January £67

February £67

March £67

There are some very low users of energy who will end up paying very little overall for electricity for the next 12 months.


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Hey @Logjog,


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I can see @Jeffus has already given some great advice here! Just wanted to step in and add we have tons more information about the Energy Bills Support Scheme on our website.


Hope this helps.