I’m moving house - why can’t I take my OVO account with me to the new place?

  • 15 January 2018
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If you’re an OVO customer and you’re moving home, we will need to close your OVO account down. You can do this yourself: we will just need the date you moved and the readings on that day. Submit this info online here. This account will then be closed, and a new one opened for the person who takes over responsibility for that property.

If you want to have OVO supply your new place, you need to start a new switch once you’ve got the keys and you’re responsible for that property. This will have a new online account (unless that house has the old prepayment meters, then you will need to switch to Boost Power to be part of the OVO family), which won’t be able to link up with the My OVO page from your old place. This is because each My OVO account links up with the meters of the property, instead of you as an energy user.

If you miss the My Usage section, don’t worry - this will soon populate with the new property’s usage.

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33 replies

I am 3 months into a 1 year fixed contract, I am due to move into my brothers place leaving the rented property vacant at the end of August, will I have to pay a penalty for leaving mid contract? Also how long does it take for my account to close and the money already in my account refunded to me? Thanks
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Hey @Stuartw,

You won't incur any exit fees, if you are moving out of the property, you can find all the info you need here.

Let our team know the date you're leaving the property and the readings on the day you leave, this will ensure your final statement is accurate. Your final statement will be issued within 48 hours of this and your subsequent refund will follow within 10 working days.

You can send us a message on FacebookTwitter and our Help Centre has online chat, or give them a call, you can reach our Customer Care team 9-5 Monday-Friday on 0330 30 5063.

Hope this helps!

HI - I'm stuck in a loop trying to tell Ovo that I'm moving house. The FAQs send me to MyOvo, but there's nothing in there telling you how to do it.

Please could someone tell me where it is?

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Take a look at the best answer for more info on this, @albeau. There's a Moving Home tab on My OVO - you can use this to let us know you're moving out.

I am trying to inform OVO that I am moving home next week. Website says to do this on My OVO but there is no option on My OVO. I don't know if this is because my current plan is coming to an end?

When I call OVO on 0330 303 5063, it says the number is for emergencies only and directs me to My OVO an the forum.

I would also like to have OVO supply my new address also, but current owners of the pace we're moving to aren't supplied by OVO.

I have smart meters, so do I need to provide meter reading on move out date?
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Thanks for posting @Dcarter

You can complete the moving out form on MyOVO, look on the left hand side bar. it would be handy to have readings on the day you move, press 9 on each meter's keypad to confirm this!

You can then sign up the new place here!
I am moving home and currently with ovo energy I have taken ovo with me to my new address will that automatically cancel my account at my current address please xx
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Hi @Nanna jue - I've moved your post onto this thread. You should find the information you need here!
We may be moving house soon and would like to stay with OVO. If the new house has smart meters which can't talk to OVO, would there be a charge for new ones to be fitted? Or can existing smart meters be recalibrated for a switch to OVO? Thanks!
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Hey @Chazza - more info about moving house on this topic. If we can't connect to the meters at the property, we can always replace them for our smart meters!
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Erm… I’m a little surprised that the switch to Scottish Power is proceeding if there’s a remaining debt on the old OVO account, @Bhundle. This is one of the factors which usually stops your progress to the New Supplier.

If you’re receiving DD requests then I assume this is because you stopped the DD Mandate at your bank. Somehow you need to make a one-off payment to OVO in order to allow the switch to go unhindered.

You would normally do this by clicking the One-Off Payment option on your MyOVO page.

All aspects of a switch are handled solely by the Receiving Supplier. The Relinquishing Supplier (OVO in this case) receives Notifications from ECOES and Xoserve, who are the National Databases for electricity and gas meters respectively.

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Hey @Bhundle, welcome to the forum!


If you were with us in your old home you’ll need to close your old account, this can be done by filling in this form.


We’ve been quite quiet all week wait times have rarely exceeded 5 minutes. Please ensure you’re calling the right number, the one you need is 0330 303 5063 Monday-Friday 8am-6pm. We’re on FacebookTwitter and our Help Centre has online chat!




Moved to Scottish Power after house purchase via Uswitch. I am paying for energy to Scottish power but my wife keeps getting direct debit request from OVO.  Calling OVO is a waste of time as waiting time is never ending. Called many times  waited almost half an hour and gave up.  Don't know how to communicate this to OVO that we are not their customer anymore. I have some outstanding amount that I owe for around a month to OVO during the switch that I owe to OVO and would like to settle this.  Anyone has any advice?

Hey @nixtek

I've moved your query over to an existing topic on moving home.

You can also find more information here: https://www.ovoenergy.com/ovo-answers/topics/all-about-switching/moving-home/im-moving-home-how-can-ovo-help-me.html.

That's right, @Kris

Your grandmother won't incur leaving fees if she moves out of the property mid-contract - but we can't move the contract from one property to another. If any OVO customer wants to sign their new property up, they'll need to complete the quote and switch process again here: https://switch.ovoenergy.com/

Hey @MadelaineJennae - I've moved your query over to an existing thread on moving in/out.
Hey @Jillyc - I've moved your query over to this topic!

If you have a smart meter installed - you don't need to worry about giving us a meter reading on your move out date. The important thing is to let us know you're moving out here: https://www.ovoenergy.com/moving-home.

We'll then close your account down on your move out date, cancel the Direct Debit arrangement and issue a refund of any leftover credit back to your bank account 7 working days later.

In regards to the new property - check out the 'best answer' at the top for more information.
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I moved home in the summer and was told that this would be transferred to the new house when I transferred my supplier..... I've been put on the September 2018 tarriff, which is higher.


I can understand this from your point of view @Jlmjlm. The reasoning behind this relates to the nature of a fixed contract and how we buy the energy. It's best to think of the contract being with the property, not the person. Property A signs up to a 12 month contract, so we buy the amount of energy property A tends to use in a year, in bulk, at the start of the contract. Getting you the best prices. If you move out of property A, it's unfair to recoup the losses we're making, if the new tenant of property A switches supplier.

If you then switch to OVO for property B, we need to buy energy in bulk for the length of the new contract, for the new property, and this relates to the current wholesale prices on offer.

One thing we do offer is a transfer of the interest reward that you were getting, as we do want to say thank you for coming back to us. To arrange for this to be added, reach out to us, send us a message on FacebookTwitter or our Help centre has online chat!


So am I right in thinking any tarriff isn’t portable?

My grandmother is moving home and is only a few months into a 2 year fix.

I couldn’t find a way to move her deal so signed her up again to another new Ovo deal that isn’t nearly as good 😞
That's right, @Kris

Your grandmother won't incur leaving fees if she moves out of the property mid-contract - but we can't move the contract from one property to another. If any OVO customer wants to sign their new property up, they'll need to complete the quote and switch process again here: https://switch.ovoenergy.com/


Thanks, she’s moved out now and I’ve signed her up to Ovo at her new home, the switch is in progress.

I’ll cancel at her old home once it’s sold.
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Hi - we’re movIng into our new house tomorrow but have not yet sold our current house that is supplied by Ovo. Obviously we want to keep the gas and electricity on in our old house albeit at very low levels. Can we get our direct debit reduced, and can we have two properties on one Ovo account if we decide to change the new house over to Ovo too?



Hey @Cowlid,

I've moved your post onto this topic about moving homes, where you should be able to find the info you need.

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Hey @spiderkzn - I've moved your post over here where you can find information about moving in and out!
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Hi @Jlmjlm,

You don't have to pay any exit fees if you move house. You'd only need to pay these fees if you switched supplier mid contract. If you were advised differently on the process, this is something we'd want to look into to make sure we're giving everyone the right information. If possible, please send us a PM as Tim advised above so we can investigate.

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Hi @Terry Ward - I've moved your post onto this thread. You should find the answers to your questions here!

We are due to move house within a couple of weeks of our fixed price deal expiring, although we don't yet have a certain date. Should we accept the next fixed price offer now and renegotiate when we move? If we don't accept it now will we be able to negotiate another fixed price deal after a gap when we move into our new house.