I'm a Pay monthly customer and I'm moving home - what's next?

  • 10 February 2017
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Hey @Pescador - I've moved your comment here where you can find all the info you need. Check out the link Tim provided in the original post.

I am selling my rental property, and the Ovo account is in my name. Is there a notice period to stop my service? I don't yet know the completion date, but it will be less than 30 days from now.
I also have a smart meter, so presumably I don't need to give a reading?
I set up a new account in the properly after a previous flatmate moved out. This was in mid January and it still tells me that my switch is in progress? I have phoned customer services and they told me that everything should be fine and would show the proper messages soon...

I have the message of electricity being on hold and yet ive had the first bill be taken ok but I cannot submit meter readings.
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Hey @jwich, I've moved your post over here. If your housemate has moved out, you won't need to start a new switch as the property is already on supply with OVO. You'd need to fill in the move-in form to set up a new account in your name. You can find the link at the top of this thread.
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@JMydd I've just moved your question to this topic to help with your answer!

I've moved out of the property where I had the OVO account but I could't find the way to do it.
The webpage just show how to move but no other chances.
How can I do it?
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Your query has been moved over here, @Michele, the form you've found can be used to let us know you've moved out. You can also do this on My OVO.