Thinking about removing your gas supply? Here's some advice! Tutorial

  • 14 March 2021
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Thinking about removing your gas supply? Here's some advice! Tutorial
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Removing a gas meter and gas supply - your guide


Times change and sometimes your needs do too. While you might have relied heavily on gas back in the day, perhaps you don’t use it anymore and you’ve decided to go all-electric instead. But what next? :thinking:


Well, the first thing we’d strongly recommend, is please think this through very carefully, before making any solid decisions. While changing you mind and rolling back is easy if you’ve not yet made any changes, if you do commit and reach the point of no-return, there’s no going back easily. But to help you out, here’s some top tips.


Why might I want to remove my gas supply?


Gas has often been very popular for both heating and cooking, not least because it’s instant and has a low unit charge compared to electricity. However, times are changing and while new technology is making electric heating and cooking a bit cheaper and more convenient, gas doesn’t really change much.


It might also be that you decided to switch from a gas oven to a fan oven, and you’ve gone from a gas hob to induction, which would significantly shift your load. Perhaps you’ve even gone for underfloor heating? If you’ve gone all electric and no longer use any gas at all, then in some cases it’s not worth keeping the gas supply connected.


Can I leave the gas supply connected but just not use any instead?


Yup. This is an option and you will of course not be charged for any gas you don’t use. After all, if the meter dials ain’t spinnin, your bills aren’t movin! However, you will still have to pay the standing charges and maintain an account with a supplier, since you still have the ability to use gas at anytime. It does have the advantage that you can go back to gas later if you wish.


I’ve already removed all my gas appliances and my heating no longer uses gas. Since I don’t ever plan to use gas again, is it worth removing my gas supply?


That’s probably a good idea. While removing the meter and getting the supply disconnected will be expensive initially, it will also mean that your gas account can be closed. Once you pay off the final statement for the removed supply, your gas bills will cease completely. Your supplier would also decommission the MPRN from Xoserve, so that other suppliers will know you no longer have a gas meter and therefore, the related standing charges will also come to an end.


What would the disconnection cost?


The exact charges may vary depending on your supplier and any fees from your Gas Transporter. However, OVO currently charges £106 as per the jobs list.



The job includes disconnecting and removing the meter, capping off the supply, safe and environmentally friendly disposal and admin tasks. The job does not cover removing internal pipework or taking away any old appliances however. If you’d like this done as well, feel free to ask a friendly local neighbourhood Gas Safe Registered Engineer to stop by.


Will my electricity bill go up?


Possibly. It depends on whether you’re already using electricity instead of gas anyway. As it also depends on your circumstances, it’s tricky to give a general answer.


If I changed my mind later, can I get the supply restored?


Yep. This is usually possible. If you’ve not requested disconnection yet, you can simply leave things be. If however, you’ve already had the meter removed and the supply disconnected, you will need to pay for a reconnection and this can be a long process. I’d recommend asking for advice here on the forum before going ahead. We’ll always try to help out, free of charge.


You might also need to get any pipework re-installed and have appliances reconnected. This is all best done by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer.


Ok, so I’ve made up my mind and I want to go ahead. Who do I contact?


Your supplier is generally the first port of call. If you’re with OVO, you can reach the Support Team here. You’ll want to let them know that you’d like to disconnect a gas supply and remove the meter. You might also need to notify your Gas Transporter as well, but it’s recommended to reach out to your supplier first.


Do I still need to pay my gas bills?


Technically… Yes. But only to pay off the final balances if needed. No further charges will be applied to the account once the disconnection is completed, beyond the usual final bill/statement. Once this is paid off, the gas account will close and no further payments will be due. You will still be liable for any debit balances or outstanding debts however - paying those off will clear them out as well.


Can I just do this myself instead of asking my supplier/DNO?


No, sorry but this isn’t possible. For various legal and safety reasons, this isn’t something you can do as a DIY job. Plus, if your supplier didn’t know that you’ve removed the meter, they’d still be charging you for a phantom supply. You’d also risk being flagged up for tampering, which is not worth the hassle.


Is it best to disconnect/remove all my gas appliances and pipework first, or disconnect the meter first?


I’d probably say go with the meter first. That way, if you change your mind it’s a little bit easier to rollback. The other advantage is that once the meter is disconnected and any residual gas has been purged, disconnecting everything beyond this point will be much easier and probably a bit safer too. While your supplier/Gas Transporter would need to handle disconnecting the supply and meter, a Gas Safe Registered Engineer will be able to handle disconnecting everything else.


I’m still unsure, can I get some advice?


Sure! This forum is ideal and we’re open to everyone, OVO member or otherwise. We don’t charge anything for the advice that we offer here. You also won’t get any marketing emails from OVO without your consent.

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