I'm removing my storage heaters and getting new electricity panel heaters - how do I remove appliances connected to my meter's 5th port?

If I move to OVO will you supply smets2 meter and remove my 5th terminal?  I want to replace storage heaters with 24/7 panel heaters and currently they only come on at night?

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My house  use to have storage heaters which have been replaced with electric panel heaters. But the power points only work late at night which is no good to me. Does it need a new meter?

If the answer is yes is there a charge for a new meter, I currently have a SMART Smets 1 meter. Thank you 

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Hey there @ryan kate !

Welcome to the forums. Could you fill out your Profile when you get a chance please? It helps to make sure we can give you the right advice.

As for your question… Are you on Economy 7 by any chance? It’s quite commonly used with storage heaters and a smart meter can be used to switch them on and off at the right times, to make sure you get the most out of the cheaper night rates.

If you’re not on Economy 7 and/or you are at the moment but know that you don’t need it, then Economy 7 mode can be disabled on request. It sounds to me as if your new heaters were hooked up in the same way that the storage heaters were, and as such your smart meter is controlling them.

If you could snap some photos of everything and pop those in your next reply, that would be smashing. We’ll be able to try and help out with this.

Yes thanks for your reply.  Yes I am on E7 for storage radiators on a separate consumer unit that only switches on at night  but the same meter.  I want to replace storage with electric panel heater available 24/7.  

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Gotcha, that makes sense then.

Do you know what smart meter you currently have? If you’re able to find the manufacturer and model, I can check to see what it’s capable of. If you’re planning to replace all the existing storage heaters with something else and don’t plan to keep Economy 7, OVO would be able to simply switch off Economy 7 mode and set the smart meter to allow the panel heaters to operate at anytime. That’s probably the easiest solution for that route.

However, it also makes me wonder whether the new heaters were wired up to the fifth terminal on your meter, which may explain why they’re also being controlled.

Bit of a tricky one though, so I wonder if @Transparent knows anything.

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Hi there @Thistle1971 !

That can indeed be possible, but I’d need to ask you if you know what meter(s) you currently have to be sure. If you’re OK with snapping some photos of everything and pop them in your next reply, that will help a lot.

However, assuming you don’t yet have a smart meter, OVO would indeed be able to install a new SMETS2 meter and set it up to not control heaters of any kind at all. You can also specify that you don’t want Economy 7, so that you get a more consistent single-rate tariff. There’s generally no charge for upgrading to a smart meter.

You’d need to sign up with OVO and come on-supply first before you can book an upgrade appointment.

From there, you should be able to replace the storage heaters when you're ready, but bear in mind that things might be more expensive until you switch them out.

If you’d like any more advice, feel free to let us know. :relaxed:

Thank you, please see images of meter:


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Thanks @Thistle1971 !

It looks like you’ve got SMETS1 Secure meters, which OVO has full support for. That means if you do switch to OVO, they’ll keep working as they do now with no trouble. They might go down for a short period during the switch, but will come back online afterwards.

As for the heaters, you could probably save money by simply getting OVO to take you off Economy 7 once you’re ready after switching - and have the meter disable Economy 7 mode by remote control. This should allow anything on the fifth terminal to be active 24/7 and is probably the easiest solution.

I hope this helps. :blush:

Thanks again,  After I’ve switched to OVO how do I organise the meter reconfiguration?


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The best way to make this change depends on whether you’ve still got those storage heaters and/or if you’re willing to swallow higher energy bills for the short time until you can swap them out.

If you’ve already removed the storage heaters (or are willing to accept the costs), feel free to sign up with OVO on a tariff that does not have Economy 7. From my understanding, this should help to ensure things are set up correctly. Otherwise, stick with an Economy 7 tariff for now when you switch to OVO, and then change to a non-E7 tariff after the switch once you’re ready.

The Support Team can take care of everything for you, but this would be best done by phone. I’d recommend switching by phone rather than online, just to make sure it’s all done correctly - especially if you’re converting from E7 to non-E7.

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With that being said, I also found another topic that might help:

It might be appropriate for the meter itself to be replaced as well, in which case you would get 4-terminal SMETS2 meters instead of your 5-terminal SMETS1 meters. In the meantime, you’re welcome to continue using your current setup until you’re ready to switch out the heaters.

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Hi @Thistle1971 - great question.


My answer below offers advice for both you and…… @ryan kate - as your queries are very similar I’ve combined them together. Ryan could we confirm your electricity smart meter make and model? A photo of the meter area would be really handy. Thistle that looks like a Secure S1 smart meter, compatible with OVO even before it's made into a S1+ via enrollment to the DCC. 


Ryan those two separate consumer units suggests to me you’ve got a 5th port smart meter in action. Meaning some appliances connected via the 5th port can and will only work when the off peak register is clocking.


Now if your heating or any other appliance no longer needs connecting to a separate system like this, my understanding is you would need to hire an electrician to rewire this so that everything goes into the meter’s 4 ports. That means you CAN use anything at any time, but the cost of this usage will vary depending on peak or off peak registers. However you can also change it so that each register is charged at the same rate. All of this depends on which smart meter model you have. 

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I’d like to get a second opinion from an electrician, @gooner1511 @PeterR1947 am I somewhere near the mark here?


@ryan kate and developments with this? Or are you able to send over an image of your meter set up?

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The issues of E7 and Storage heater connections are unconnected.

The storage heater circuit is connected to some sort of timing device that only switches them on at night; it might be the EON box but can’t be sure from the picture.

All that is needed is for an electrician to reconnect the storage heater feed to the 24/7 feed; some electricians will do this without help from the DNO but technically the DNO rep should attend to withdraw the main fuse and re-insert it after the work has been completed.

The issue of E7 can be addressed separately, as @Tim_OVO says, the Secure100 meters will talk to OVO so the change can be done “over the air” if you want to move from E7