Did you know your meters have certificates that can expire?

  • 3 September 2019
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Did you know your meters have certificates that can expire?
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Updated on 30/09/2020:


Did you know your meters have certificates that can expire?

Meter certification may sound a bit dull, but it’s a pretty important part of making sure we’re able to measure your energy usage accurately. Here are four quick facts you need to know, especially if you’ve received a message saying your meter needs to be replaced.

1: Every meter has a certification

Your meter’s certificate is a bit like a ‘best before’ date. Most people don’t realise that their meter even has a certification, as the information isn’t always written on the meter itself.

2: Your meter’s certification can expire

Your meter’s certification can last between 10 and 40 years. As an energy supplier, we know when each meter is due to expire, so we’ll be in touch when or if yours should be replaced.

If yours does happen to be out of date, it may mean that it’s running slightly too fast or too slow and therefore might not be measuring your energy usage accurately.

3: Your replacement meter could help you use less energy and save ££

We replace expired meters with new, next-generation smart ones also known as SMETS2. The manufacturers are Aclara, Honeywell or Flonidan. 

What's good about S2 meters? Taken from this guide

  1. This new technology is supported by all SMETS2-ready suppliers and will allow you to switch without losing any services or requiring any equipment changes.
  2. These new meters have highest standard of security for householder data, even better than S1 meters - (Encrypted data that can only be read by the receiving supplier developed by GCHQ). Strict new regulations and codes of practice, regulated by Ofgem, keep smart meter data private – and all your personal data is safeguarded by the Data Protection Act.
  3. The meter will automatically submit your meter readings to us - this means bills will be accurate, rather than estimated
  4. You’ll be able to see how much energy different appliances use, which could help you to cut down what you’re spending
  5. Efficiency is the main reason why it is a government initiative to install them - their aim is to have at least 80% of households to have Smart meters by 2020.
  6. Installation is free.

4: What will happen if I don’t have my meter replaced?

Your meter will remain perfectly safe, but it might provide inaccurate data - so you could end up paying the wrong amount.

5: What if I don’t want a smart meter?

When a meter certificate expires, we can’t recertify the existing meter - so we have to replace it. Traditional meters aren’t available in the UK as they are no longer being manufactured, which is why we will replace your expired meter with a smart one.

What happens next…

If you’ve received an email saying your meter needs to be replaced, it’s super easy to book an appointment for an all-up-to-date next generation smart meter installation. Just click here to book*.

*Subject to availability in your area (our engineers are a busy bunch!)

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Is it possible to obtain the certificate end date from OVO?

Just had a look and there is a sticker on the meter "certified 1983" 36 years ago!
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If you require your meter certification date then you need to contact OVO and they should be able to provide you this information if it is not on your physical meter.

Drop them an email. 


I have been told that the certification of my meter is about to expire and I should get a smart meter installed. When I click on the link to arrange an installation of a smart meter I am told I can't have a smart meter installed.

What do I do from here?

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Hi @DamionS welcome to the forum.

Thanks for posting your question, so we can help, what messages/notifications did you get at the end of the journey as to why we can't install Smart Meters??

This info will help us work out what we do next to support you.

[h4]Sorry, we can't install a smart meter for your current meter setup at the moment.[/h4]

We're constantly improving our smart meter technology to fix this. We'll email you as soon as we can install them in your property.
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Ah ok, thanks @DamionS.

Are you able to share what meter types or set up you have right now? For example, if your meters are far apart, the smart part of the meter won't work as they need to be close together to be able to connect.

Be great if you can share more, so we can look into this for you.

Economy 7, cant you get these details from my account. After all I just read the numbers I have not got any clue about meter
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Do you have storage heaters or underfloor heating, @DamionS? If you do, you won't be able to arrange a SMETS2 meter exchange but we can install a SMETS1 meter.

It may be worth giving the team a quick call about this, they can ask all the appropriate questions to get this sorted. the team are available Monday-Friday 8am-6pm on 0330 303 5063.
No I dont have storage heaters or underfloor heating.

I am busy this week so wont be able to ring until Monday.

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That's fine, @DamionS, give them a call as soon as you can, I can't see any reason why you wouldn't be able to have a smart meter installed.


I live in a new build flat (2 years old) my electricity meter is on the top floor, but gas meter is on the ground floor. I've been told I can't get smart meter because of the distance between the two, so what happens now? Can I get my electricity meter re-certified?
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Good question @DannyShterev! I'm just checking with the team. If you live in a new build, I doubt the meter certification will have expired as they can run for up to 30 years or so before they expire. Are you living in an old building that's been renovated?
Hey @Darran_OVO it was built in 2017 so I guess I don't need to worry about.
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Ah good to know @DannyShterev. Still getting an answer on the Smart Meter front though as to what we do for you here. Will come back to you later on that once I have more information.

I think a new smart meter will fit in the same position as the current non-smart meter. What happens if an engineer decides that there is not enough space? Will I be charged?

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Hey @Flit no you won’t be charged.  The engineer will simply confirm that they’re not able to complete the job and leave it at that.  As long as there is a bit of space around your current meters, you should be fine.  Feel free to share a pic here, and we can check.  

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@DannyShterev Just an update, there are in the pipeline tech that might help in situations when our members meters are too far apart to connect properly.  Not able to share more on this right now, but keep an eye on the forum in the future for more information on this. 

Hi Darren,  the current meter is fixed to the board shown which measures a shade over 30cms square. Hopefully, this he

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Hey @Flit we’ve confirmed that there needs to be a gap of 8cm around all sides of the meter for us to be able install your new ones. 


Are you able to check yours? 

Hi Darran,dunno if you saw my post and photo from yesterday? The board the current meter is on is 30cms square; the current meter has (overall) 17cms between the top of it and the bottom; the sides would seem to be ok but if the 2 additional small boxes towards the bottom of the meter (see photo) are in the way and still needed, they will need to be moved to make space. Would your engineer be ok shuffling the small boxes around if necessary?

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Technically, I think the engineer isn’t able to move the cut out (one of those black boxed on the meter board). This is the property of your local Distribution Network Operator. 


But I would recommend getting our engineer booking team to check, please forward that photo to us our many social media channels: FacebookTwitter or our Help Centre has online chat

Hi, I have just sent the photo. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for your help 


I received an email today saying certificate had expired on my electricity meter and needed to be replaced by smart meter.  My understanding is that no one has to have a smart meter.

What if I don't want one?

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Welcome to the forum, @100043521

When a meter certificate expires, we can’t recertify the existing meter - so we have to replace it. Traditional meters aren’t available in the UK as they are no longer being manufactured, which is why we will replace your expired meter with a smart one. 

We no longer have analog meters in stock. 

Hope this helps, 


Does it cost anything to have my meter replaced?