Did you know your meters have certificates that can expire?

  • 3 September 2019
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Did you know your meters have certificates that can expire?
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Updated 05/06/2020 - All info up to date and accurate.

Did you know your meters have certificates that can expire?

Meter certification may sound a bit dull, but it’s a pretty important part of making sure we’re able to measure your energy usage accurately. Here are four quick facts you need to know, especially if you’ve received a message saying your meter needs to be replaced.

1: Every meter has a certification

Your meter’s certificate is a bit like a ‘best before’ date. Most people don’t realise that their meter even has a certification, as the information isn’t always written on the meter itself.

2: Your meter’s certification can expire

Your meter’s certification can last between 10 and 40 years. As an energy supplier, we know when each meter is due to expire, so we’ll be in touch when or if yours should be replaced.

If yours does happen to be out of date, it may mean that it’s running slightly too fast or too slow and therefore might not be measuring your energy usage accurately.

3: Your replacement meter could help you use less energy and save ££

We replace expired meters with new, next-generation smart ones also known as SMETS2.

These meters:


  1. Give you more accurate bills thanks to automatic meter readings;
  2. Help you track exactly what you’re using - meaning that you could save money by using less energy;
  3. Should keep all their smart features if you switch suppliers;
  4. Upgrade the energy grid - which means it gets a whole lot smarter, and is better able to support renewable energy and smart tech like electric vehicles.

4: What will happen if I don’t have my meter replaced?

Your meter will remain perfectly safe, but it might provide inaccurate data - so you could end up paying the wrong amount.

5: What if I don’t want a smart meter?

When a meter certificate expires, we can’t recertify the existing meter - so we have to replace it. Traditional meters aren’t available in the UK as they are no longer being manufactured, which is why we will replace your expired meter with a smart one.

What happens next…

If you’ve received an email saying your meter needs to be replaced, it’s super easy to book an appointment for an all-up-to-date next generation smart meter installation. Just click here to book*.

*Subject to availability in your area (our engineers are a busy bunch!)

30 replies

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We offer smart meter installations free of charge, @jojojojo01, you can book an install here.


I keep getting emails from OVO telling me my meter is out of calibration and that I need a smart meter fitting.

Great come and fit one, But before you do please read the email I sent you about the electricity supply to my house. 

When Northern Networks wanted to dig up my drive and my neighbours drive I gave up with the idea. 

So unless you have found a way of getting the supply to my house without digging up our drives then Its  No from me. 

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I’ve moved your query here, @lippy. It sounds like this is quite a unique situation, so I’d recommend getting in touch with our team about this, they’re available on 0330 303 5063 Monday-Friday 8am-6pm. They’ll be best placed to help with this, and can hopefully come up with a solution to resolve this. 

Not Unique where I live evidently

It goes back to when the houses where built before the 2nd world war. 

EDF sent someone to fit a Smart meter and he said no can’t be done without Northern networks re wiring to the house. 

So I am stuck with an Old meter and everytime OVO email me to say it is uncalibrated it doesn’t help.


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Hi @jojojojo01 - not for a faulty meter exchange, smart meter exchange or a re-certification :man_dancing: