Unusual meter reading combo this month involving just 1's and 2's - weird!

  • 28 March 2018
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Today I read my electricity and gas meters as per the monthly ritual. On reading them, I noticed that for the electricity reading (5 digits) and the gas (4 digits), the readings only contained 2 particular digits. For example electricity reading 12121, gas 221. Does
anyone know the odds on this happening.

1 reply

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That's an interesting mathematical question, @wraysuser,

I wonder what are the chances of a Forum Member who is also a Statistical Specialist reading this? :)

In the meantime, whilst we consider the probability of that, may I offer the following poem for your amusement...

One One was a racehorse,
Two Two was one too,
One One won one race
Two Two won one too.

(I'll get my own coat on the way out...)