Feature change: Meter reading confirmation emails are no more

  • 26 November 2019
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Feature change: Meter reading confirmation emails are no more
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For all you lovely lot without smart meters, we're going to stop sending email confirmation to you when you submit meter readings. 

You will still get a “success” message on MyOVO, which will explain that you won’t be getting an email. 

You COULD always book in a free smart meter appointment this allow us to take the reading directly from the meter, saving you a job! :wink:

Updated 19/05/2020


2 replies

Another ill-mannered response as OVO descends into the morass as a “big” player in the energy utility market. Without warning it takes away a basic feature in the race to increase its margins with  SMART (haha) meters.  Stop the pathetic sneering at the “lovely lot” and better utilise your time in providing smart technology that is both universal and portable. When you manage this , then this lovely person might consider its installation.

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Ouch,  @Kinaida - do you prefer an email notification to a online status up on MyOVO


We’ll wait until you’re happy and willing to have a smart meter fitted. But we’ll still remain advocates of them, due to the real and tangible benefits they bring.