Re-locating gas and electricity meter - can OVO help?

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Hey, @anthonyonions, you’ll find all the info you need in this thread! 

I am doing some work on my house and planning to knock through a wall in kitchen. Unfortunately the electricity metre is on the wall that needs to be chocked down. It needs to be moved to the opposite wall about a meter. With the gas meter once the knock through happens it will be in the middle of the room, so need to move it about 1.5m. Has any one done moving of utility metres before..? Can OVO do this for me..?


Updated on 12/07/2019

Hey @Nav,

Thanks for your question. It'll be interesting to see what other users experience has been with relocating meters.

From the sounds of it, you'll need to move both the meter and the mains supply to the meter.

If this is the case, we'll be able to move the meter but your District Network Operator (DNO) for electric and the National Grid for gas, will need to move the mains supply. We usually arrange this so that National Grid or the DNO move the mains in the morning, our engineers then come round in the afternoon to reposition the meter.

Let me know if you have anymore questions on this!




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Hey @Emmastar and @SR3 

Great advice! It doesn’t necessarily always require the DNO, usually they only need to get involved if you’re moving the meter over 1m, and supply cables need extending. 

A meter reposition will cost £125, and we’ll need to take a payment over the phone before booking it in.


No need to be sorry, @ncs - we're here to help!

So based on your first point, it looks like the cut out would need to be moved. The cut out belongs to your Distribution Network Operator (DNO) which means we're unable to touch it. You'll need to get in contact with them first of all to discuss what works need to be done. If they then advise that your energy supplier needs to come out and move the meter after they've been, give us a call to book an appointment for the same day.

We wouldn't be able to install a smart meter at the same time unfortunately - this would have to be a separate booking for a different day.

If you're not sure who your DNO is, just reply with your Meter Serial Number (MSN) and we'll let you know!

Hope this helps,
Thanks for flagging this, @SadOldMan

I've just removed the link as there's no replacement to add, but the rest of the information is still correct.

@Jlmjlm - just moved your query over to an existing thread on this topic.
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Hope @Max_OVO helped with this @Nav :?

I've been a busy bee behind the scenes, moving this topic to the All About Energy forum, tweaking the title and adding some tags. All in the hope that others who want to move their meter can find Max's answer and know what needs doing! :)

My smart meter was installed recently in the same position as the old meter which was easy to read. The new meter is far more difficult to read so I would like to have it moved further down the meter board where I can read it. OVO have quoted a price of £79.20 to move it. Are there any exceptions to paying this?
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My smart meter was installed recently in the same position as the old meter which was easy to read. The new meter is far more difficult to read so I would like to have it moved further down the meter board where I can read it. OVO have quoted a price of £79.20 to move it. Are there any exceptions to paying this?

Hey @Ferrymaster, I've moved your topic over here where you'll find the info you need.

It's worth mentioning that you shouldn't need to take a reading from your smart meter anymore anyway, as it'll be sending us one electronically.

Hope this helps,
Sorry to barge into this topic.

I also need to move the meter. It will need to move on the other side of the same wall (flip around) exactly in the same position vertically and horizontally. Involves no lengthening or shortening to the network cable.

OR does it need a complete new Network cable from outside to go in the other side of the wall (on to a new box)

Please can anyone from Ovo tell me if you guys can do it? I have old meter and can I have smart meter at the same time?

Link to helpful guide, no longer works (opens on meter reading problem page) any chance of fixing the link or posting a correct link?

I'm looking to get both my gas and electric meter moved in preparation for an extension being built. I've been reading conflicting information about whether this is done by ovo or the local supplier. Has anyone been through this recently who can advise?
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Or is it best to get the meter moved to an outside wall?

which would be the cheapest option with the least intrusion?

Nice question @Karnak and @akaLoops

We have some metering and engineer experts to call upon for their advice @PeterR1947 and @Davidc would be my first choice.

I know that if you move the meter to an outside wall, it might involve your local 'transporter' or the national grid to come and move the pipework. This will come at an expense.

Karnak it might be worth emailing a video of the meter to If it's bad, I'd suggest they'd take it out and replace it for free!

aksLoops the cost of OVO visiting to move the gas meter is £145, but that doesn't include the cost of moving the pipework. This page might be worth a read!
I am looking at building an extension and need to move the gas meter. How do I contact to arrange for this work to be done and how much does it cost?

I thought I’d update this thread, as I now have a quote, to save others the bother.

I asked on the forum how to move our external gas meter by 150mm, away from the house wall, so that we could have external wall insulation behind it, and I was told £106 on this thread, and to contact OVO customer services.  If you look back in this thread I posted a photo.

I did contact OVO customer services by ‘phone, then emailed a picture, then they phoned me, then finally emailed to say OVO could not move the meter “as it is outside”.  They told me to contact Cadence, who would do the job instead.  I did this, and have been quoted £1170.  I tried to explain to everybody that it was in earth, and so could just be pulled into the new position, but it has all been in vain.  I hope this helps others.

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Hi @mgilbert82. I’d be interested to hear OVO’s view on this too!

I’ve twice had (non-Smart) electricity meters moved, and this was undertaken by a local electrician. It involves snipping the security seals, including that on the Service Fuse owned by your [color=#3070c0]Distributed Network Operator[/color]. The electrician then summons an engineer from the [color=#3070c0]DNO[/color] to attend on-site as the work is completed. The seals are restored once the system is approved.

This is a quick and painless process.

I can’t see why it should be any different with a Smart Meter. In the unlikely event that the new location failed to provide a clear enough GSM signal or was too far from your gas meter, you could still provide manual readings whilst a remedy was found.

Local electricians generally enjoy a good working relationship with the area team of engineers from the [color=#3070c0]DNO[/color]. Why not contact one and ask their opinion too?

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Hi @RobL,

I’m not sure about the specifics as I don’t have access to the photos you’ve sent in, but as long as it stays on the same wall and within 1m of the ECV, we can move it. If the ECV needs moving, then the gas transporter would need to be involved as that’s their remit. 

Feel free to post your pics on here so I can double check for you.