Any recommendation on how to simplify the process of getting new meters and pipes for flats?

  • 18 February 2019
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I live in a 5 story Victorian property with 4 flats. We have had a new gas supply with manifold installed from the incoming main gas supply in the road because the existing supply did not comply with current gas safety regulations. We have had the house re-plumbed by a gas safe engineer with four new independent gas runs. I now need to get each gas supplier to install a new gas meter on the new manifold before calling back in the gas safe engineer to connect the new pipework into the flats.
Have I got this correct?
Any recommendation on how to simplify this process?
Nick in HP.

3 replies

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Any joy with this @NickinHP? Let us know either way 🙂
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Did you manage to get this sorted, @NickinHP? If you did, what did you end up doing?
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Any recommendation on how to simplify this process?

There's a few variables in play, @NickinHP - I think we may need @Transparent who knows a lot about the regulations and processes involved!