Why are OVO disabling the real-time smart usage features!?

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I have had an email today to tell me that OVO are now discontinuing the real time usage data collected by the smart gateway. I have been using this (via the api) to feed into OpenHAB and allow my smart-home to make decisions based on the current usage so am extremely disappointed at this decision.

However, i'm hoping that there is a way forward using the smart gateway. Looking more closely at the device it seems to be a fairly standard telegesis zigbee data collector. It has a web based management interface but I do not have the username/password for this. Does anyone know what it is? If I can get into the config then the sever that it posts to could be changed to my own one and then OVO can switch off whatever they like!

TLDR; Does anyone know the username/password for the smart gateway management interface?

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Hey everyone,

I thought I'd jump in here!

As you've all heard, unfortunately we've made the difficult decision to remove this feature as we're aware that there's been ongoing issues with it.

Rather than provide a poor service which results in a poor customer experience and customer contact - we’re going to stop providing the features to focus on other technology that will provide a better customer experience.

This doesn't stop you from being able to see any usage information as you can still access this on your In Home Displays (IHDs).

You'll need to disconnect your Chameleon IHD from your Wi-Fi and (if you have one) turn off your Smart Gateway. Your IHD will continue to work as a display unit but won't send us data anymore - we'll get this directly from your smart meter.

If you have a Smart Gateway, it can simply be unplugged and recycled as an electrical device. If you have a Wi-Fi connected IHD, it can continue as an In-Home Display by following these steps:

1. Tap 'OK' once to enter the menu.
2. Navigate to 'Adjust settings'; then tap 'OK' to enter the submenu.
3. Navigate to 'Wi-Fi options'; then tap 'OK' to enter the submenu.
4. The device will say 'Leave network'; tap 'OK' to leave the Wi-Fi network.
5. Your device will now function as a normal IHD.

If you have a Smart Gateway and don't have a Pipit or Chameleon IHD, send us a PM on Facebook with your full name, DoB and account number so we can get one posted out to you.


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What annoys me is the the IHD can connect you your network, it would have been really easy to have a simple API to scrape the stats from, or it could multicast it to the network via bonjor or something if they really dont want to connecting to it for some odd reason.
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Hmm, @krad Do you mean like this Chameleon variant...?

with this Spec....?

Did you perhaps notice this post from last month?
Interesting I can see mqtt stuff going out of the device. We should be able to get access to the data under gdpr, but i would imagine the latency issues would make it useless for real time monitoring