Pipit 500 In Home Display (IHD) showing incorrect prices - why?

Good morning.

Ever since I've had my Smart Meters installed, my IHD has definitely been showing incorrect rates, even if you take into account that it shows VAT and My Ovo doesn't.

How do I get this corrected on the IHD so the estimated spend figures in £ are correct?

Under Electricity on the IHD the tariff is 'NEWENERGY' and Gas is 'Ovo Variable'.

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Updated 26/02/2020

Hi @samwatling

There's a few elements to this query, but I've tailored the topic title so that other users with an IHD price query can find it and see my response.

The tariff name shown on the IHD doesn't match with that shown on My OVO, but the prices should. As you mentioned, the In Home Display will show your prices including VAT, and your My OVO page doesn't, but if your unit prices and standing charges are different by more then 5%, we might need to check that it's linking up correctly. If that's the case, send us a message on Facebook, Twitter or webchat via the Help Centre.

As for that estimated bill screen, this doesn't link up with the bills on My OVO, and will only reset on certain occasions such as a tariff change. As a result, I'd suggest you disregard this screen and look online for your account billing. There's a topic about this estimated bill screen that you might want to check out here.

Hope this helps,


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@Robert S - I've moved your post here so you can get more info on the issue!

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@pbathuk I've just moved your question to this topic, you should find the answer here!
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@DAC I've moved your question to this topic, as it should have lots of useful info for you!
MY IHD today into into the 'red' state showing my actual electricity usage as 2720 kWh!!!

At this rate my house should be on fire!!!

Fortunately my meter indicated that I had only used 108 kWh since it was installed only 10 days ago.

Later in the day the measured amount indicated returned to a more realistic value.

It seems the the latest version of the Chameleon IHD has serious problems in consistently reporting the current electricity usage! It also has problems with calculating the cost of the electricity used as this has always been above my 'budget; setting since day 1!

Hope the new version of the software (when available) for this device gets it right!

Ive had a gas & electric smart meter & IHD for a while now.. roughly 3 months.
When I first got them I thought the incorrectness of the cost per unit was due to the bedding in period, however after a few months I would have expected this to have corrected itself, my rate is showing as 32p per unit rather than 3.2p per unit. So a factor of 10 out.

Is this a standard issue with the units or something specific to myself?

I had smart meters installed on 16th April and both the daily standing charge and unit rate, for both gas and electricity, shown on the in house display are higher than those on my actual 2 year plan. Why is this? Also do I need to submit the readings up to when the smart meters were put in?
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Hi @rayrickard . There are two separate issues here.

A. depending on how "new" is your Smart Meter, it is likely that it doesn't yet have your tariff data uploaded to it. See what I wrote about that here on another Topic.

B. there is a known bug in the software which your In-Home Device (IHD) uses to calculate costs. See this post and below for an explanation.

OVO are working on the problem. It's up to the manufacturer of the IHDs to resolve it, however.
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I'm sorry to hear that, @Sallyr80.

It sounds like you have a second generation (SMETS2) meters. We've got a dedicated team that look after the maintenance of this new roll out. If you give the team a call on 0330 303 5063, they'll be able to chase this up for you.

It might be helpful to have a read of @Transparent's post here, which documents his experience of having a SMETS2 meter fitted.

Hi Nancy

My gas metre doesn't have a key pad, I was told that it's a new model by the guy that fitted it. Also I don't belong to Facebook and have no intention of joining.

I have received an email from Craig, one of your colleagues, to tell me that the issue with the IHD is information from your side that needs updating but that was over a week ago and I've heard nothing since!! So I'm still none the wiser.My gas metres still doesn't show a reading and it's taken nearly a fortnight for a response about that.

I continue to be unimpressed.

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the gas smart metre has nothing on the screen and I don't think it's talking to you either.

Hi @Sallyr80,

You'd need to press a button on the gas smart meter keypad in order to "wake up" the display.That said, if there is a fault with the meter, we can look into some troubleshooting questions with your to diagnose what the issue is. Drop us a message on Facebook and we can look into this further:


It's not just the fact that the IHD isn't working properly it's the fact that the gas smart metre has nothing on the screen and I don't think it's talking to you either. I've brought this to your attention but no response has been received. Not great and although I've been an OVO customer for some time I'm definitely thinking of moving my account asap.
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Not a great experience that, @Sallyr80

If the tariff on the smart meters/IHD is wrong, it should be easy to change. Have a look at the 'best answer' (at the top) for more info on this issue and possible causes.

Drop us an massage on webchat to chase up this issue, if you've already raised it and want an update: Help Centre

I recently had smart metres installed and when looking at the IHD realised that the tariff it showed did not correspond with the tariff on my profile or statements. Emailed OVO who told me my query had been passed to the billing department to investigate and I received an email on 21 March asking me to do some tests on the IHD as it appears to be damaged, I did this and sent the results back as requested but have heard nothing since. Then I realised that my online OVO account still asked for metre readings and when I tried to read the metres I realised that the gas one is not showing any reading. Again I emailed OVO on 21 March but have heard nothing back except the general holding email. My readings were due last week and it looks like OVO were able to take the electricity reading but I have no idea what is happening with regards to the gas and I haven't received a statement yet. What is going on?
I am a returning customer to Ovo with their own commissioned smart meters. My In Home Display has now reactivated but the tariff showing is 16.540p for electricity and 3.650p for gas.

My "Welcome to Ovo" email listed my rates as 15.14p & 3,63p respectively.

I wondered why there was a difference in the rates and what will my bills be based upon?

In the end I emailed Ovo and had a response - because I am still in the early stages after my transfer, my IHD would update once the whole switch process was complete, my changeover meter readings validated, etc. It could take anything up to 6 weeks, but all bills would be based on my notified rates, not those shown on the IHD.
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Hey @RobOwen - I've moved your topic over here where you should be able to find the info you need.
I am a returning customer to Ovo with their own commissioned smart meters. My In Home Display has now reactivated but the tariff showing is 16.540p for electricity and 3.650p for gas.

My "Welcome to Ovo" email listed my rates as 15.14p & 3,63p respectively.

I wondered why there was a difference in the rates and what will my bills be based upon?
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Hey @dbn400 - I've just moved your post over here. Check out Tim's best answer underneath the original question about this.

Hope this helps!
Could someone advise me? I have moved into a new flat and taken over the OVO account. Currently my smart meter is displaying a different standing charge and different rate for gas and electricity to my account online?

Also, what budget should I set on my smart meter?

Thank you
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@mrjsterry I've moved your topic onto this post as you should find the answer to your question here. 🙂 All our contact details can be found here: in case you need them.
All sorted now. Thank you OVO for help and swift action. 😀
My new IHD is showing the wrong amounts for the tariff i'm on. How do I change these. I've looked on the forum but the answers redirect to old page that I cant access. The engineer told me to call ovo but i cant find a number or an email address anywhere on the site.
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Hey @Gaily1 - I've moved your post over here where you should be able to find more information on this.

I had a gas and electric smart meter installed last week and also have an IHD. The costs of the tariffs and the daily charge shown on the IHD are greater than my online tariff so I checked the smart meters which correspond to the IHD. Adding VAT to my online tariff prices does not make the gas and electric prices displayed correct. I am therefore looking at prices that are somewhat misleading. Should the smart meters display the correct tariff information in order for the IHD to show the correct monies spent? I am on a fixed tariff until October 2019 thankfully.
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Hi @Gravs, welcome to the forum.
We have definitely had reports of this problem before from other users.

The solution seems to be to message OVO via the Help Centre or contact them on social media.

My smart meter appears to have the wrong unit pricing how do I correct this