Why is my IHD only displaying gas usage?

  • 13 December 2018
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Hey @MickG

It sounds like be a communication issue with the meter and the IHD, so it may also be worth checking with the Customer Service team at or messaging the facebook/Twitter team to see!

We may get you to carry out a quick survey; your answers will help us work out what’s causing the problem! Here are the questions you'll be asked:

On the electricity meter, can you confirm if the middle of the 3 red lights (labeled as WAN) near the top left of the meter is flashing or solid? In the bottom right hand corner of the gas smart meter screen, there is a HAN symbol. The symbol itself will either be; flashing or solid. Can you tell me which?

When you press 0 on the keypad of both meters, can you tell us if the meter display begins to cycle through various screens; starting with the date and time, or displays the phrase 'COMMISSION - YES OR NO'?


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Hi @emfreeb. Firstly it's not unusual to have missing data on the IHD so soon after the on-site installation has occurred.

I don't know which territory you're in so I don't want to confuse matters by providing technical explanations which may not match your meter hardware. (But please complete your Forum Profile anyway because that's where I look for such information!).

Check your online My OVO page and see whether both meters are delivering data to OVO themselves. At that point, if the IHD still doesn't have electricity readings then you'll be able to notify Customer Services.

Noticed the other day that Gas usage is no longer being shown on the in house unit although the usage on the web page still looks good.


How can I fix this??

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See the comments above, @Pmkgov ^^^