Why does my In Home Display (IHD) reset every month?

Smart meter only shows readings for the current month. The current month disappears once the new month starts. Is there something I can do, so this shows previous months usage?

Best answer by Tim_OVO 10 December 2018, 17:18

This seems normal, Cindy.

The Chameleon lets you see your usage for each day, week, or month. Look at these pictures below for a full on guide to the features available:

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This seems normal, Cindy.

The Chameleon lets you see your usage for each day, week, or month. Look at these pictures below for a full on guide to the features available:

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Hi @Cindy; Where are you looking?

On your In-Home Device, or online at your My OVO page ?
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Hi @Cindy

The IHD shouldn't reset every month, so I think you will need to email and report it as a fault.

I don't (yet) have a Smart Meter & IHD, but I understand the underlying technicalities. The bit of the puzzle I don't know is whether the historical readings are held in the memory of the Meter, and transmitted to the IHD for display, or whether it's the IHD which builds up the historic picture in its own memory. The remaining possibility is that the readings are all held elsewhere away from your home, and sent back to your IHD periodically.

On this point rests the matter of whether your historic readings are permanently lost, or can be recovered.

I'm working on a matching Project (with Ofgem funding) where we are monitoring power through electricity sub-stations. Effectively we have a Smart Meter in a sub-station. The data gets extracted from there and is stored on an external server (computer) elsewhere. So we can always recover historical data, even if the Meter gear goes wrong.

It would be nice to think that OVO had all your historic data saved somewhere in similar fashion. Thus if your Meter or IHD needed to be exchanged, the data could be uploaded again for you to view.

However, I have no idea if that is the case.
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@Cindy , the point you are making is actually more important than you might realise.

Within a couple of years, the UK Domestic Energy Suppliers will be moving across to offer half-hour (HH) variable tariffs. This is a strategy called Demand Side Response which is already implemented within the Ofgem regulatory framework.

OVO call this a Time Of Use (TOU) tariff, by which customers can select when to buy energy, or when to resell electricity back to the grid. You will use a more fully-featured IHD or a Smartphone App to set up when you wish particular events to occur, such as charging an Electric Vehicle or running a tumble-drier. The commands are then implemented automatically when your preset price points are met.

Your ability to make optimal decisions is largely based on being able to follow your historic usage and respond to alerts, which might for example tell you "If you delay your washing machine until the cost per kWh is 3p lower, you will save £13.72 per year".

As we move towards this forthcoming technology, it becomes increasingly important that we are able to review our historical usage. Indeed, that's how your IHD will be able to calculate savings for you.

So I'm concerned to hear that even a simple change of tariff would imply your IHD loses its historical data.

@Eva_OVO can you ask one of the Techies behind where you sit to clarify this issue for us please?

As a starting point,
  • where is the historic data held?
  • can OVO re-populate an IHD with historic data?
Many thanks.
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That's a very important point, @Cindy

Just because there are new features and extra complexity in the technology should not mean that customers need to understand how it works. After all, sales of Electric Vehicles are increasing, but we don't expect drivers to be retrained and take another test to drive them!

The basic User Interface (display) on the IHD could be extremely simple. Imagine this graphic on an IHD with a touch-screen:

You put your finger on the blue-slider and move it. The figure in the blue box shows the anticipated cost savings for the next 24 hours.

If you move to the left, all your electric appliances will operate as normal: when you switch them on, they will instantly run.

As you move to the right, the system is progressively adding delays to electric devices that aren't time-dependent. So it will only switch on devices like a storage heater or tumble drier when the price per kWh falls.

The calculations behind this don't need to be visible. The IHD uses your energy history and knowledge of your home electrical items to make the actual decisions.

... and that's why I get concerned if it's possible for a customer's usage history to be lost or reset to zero.
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Have you recently renewed your tariff, @Cindy? This is the only time the IHD would reset.

You can find your previous usage on My OVO and it's on your statements too! :)

If you haven't renewed your tariff - send us a message on Facebook or Twitter so we can look into this. If you don't use social media, just email the team on
Hi I am looking at smart meter home device that is supplied when a smart meter is fitted.
I have had this device for 1 to two years. But recently it is not keeping previous usage!
Hi thanks for the comment, however I have not changed tarif as I am on a fixed tarif for two years. I appreciate I can see it on my statements or on line, however somewhat confused at why it has suddenly changed and with each subsequent month, dissapears on the home unit.
i will send a email accordingly.
Thanks for the replies, it would appear as are most things these days, to be getting more complicated!