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Why are OVO disabling the real-time smart usage features!?

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Hi Nancy

Thanks for moving my enquiry over to this location but this area seems to be dominated by API's and the like and remote monitoring from other devices.
I don't need this, I just need the real time data to be available back on the monitoring screen supplied with the smart meter.
I still don't understand why it was switched off?
Is this only OVO who have done this, have other suppliers done the same?

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Hi @Maxjonz Sorry I've only just spotted your comment.

As far as I know, DCC only poll your Smart Meters once each day to collect the usage data. Someone else posted on the Forum a few months ago to say that this was just after midnight, but I can't remember how they had calculated that!

So you'll only be able to view yesterday's data on OVO's website. The current day's data is visible only on your IHD.

At some point this will probably change. Most of us will be moving to Demand Side Response, which is a half-hour variable tariff (also known as Time-Of-Use tariff). That means we can take advantage of electricity at lower price-points throughout the day.

Since DCC will need to send such day at intervals during the day, I see no reason why they wouldn't import the latest set of usage data at the same time.

Let me know if you'd like further clarification of the above.