New IHD showing high levels of usage - is this right?

  • 6 March 2019
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Hi, I had my smart meters installed yesterday lunchtime, this morning my IHD tells me I used a combined gas and electric totalling over £25!! there is no way this is correct. My daughter had a shower this evening for 5 minutes and the electric cost went up on the IHD by £5.....anyone else having these unusual readings? its worrying me as my bill is going to be massive!

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Nothing useful so far but I see others are also experiencing incorrect tariffs in their In-House Displays.

My usage recorded by the IHD appears correct - just the money amount is out by a factor of 10.


There seems to be a massive silly bug in IHD units being supplied with 2nd gen SMETS2 smart meter installs. Even with the right tariff and kwh readings it fails at doing the basic maths to calculate the the cost.

For now, our one is just turned off until there's some kind of official announcement about how they're going to fix this daft bug.


*Update 18/11/2019: OVO have completed a firmware update on the first batch of members’ IHDs. This should fix the issue that meant the IHDs displayed incorrect usage figures.* 


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66 replies

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Don't panic @ccooky98. Your Smart Meter doesn't yet have the correct Tariff information uploaded.

Have a look at what I've just written about this here.

When I installed a shower a few years ago, my (teenage) daughter seemed to take a long time using it. I bought an hourglass style "egg timer" which stuck to the tiles with a suction cup.

A couple of weeks later, I inquired if she was actually using it.

"Oh yes," she replied. "But it's annoying having to turn around every three minutes and turn it over again. How is it meant to save energy?"! 😕
Thank goodness I’ve read this! I’ve just put candles in all the rooms and told the kids they are showering under a bucket in the garden!!

smart meter installed yesterday and clocking £15 a day so far which is way over the top for our usage. I’m hoping it’s either faulty or my tariff hasn’t been updated yet.
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@jewelie is right, @Rickster1978 - it's a fault and rest assured you aren't being charged from the figures on your IHD!
So after my display showing high costs for electricity since it was installed on Monday, as of today it doesn’t show anything. I can only see the gas readings and cant toggle between gas and electricity anymore. Anyone else having the same. I’m guessing it’s been switched off while they sort it but not had any messages from Ovo
Had a smart meter installed yesterday and the home display is saying that were using £20 a day. Surely this can't be right?
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Really surprising this isn't proactively explained to people having new installations, the amount of traffic on here would go down thats for sure and it would alleviate the worry some people may feel.

Update on the behaviour of my IHD is the displayed gas £usage is incredibly low and displayed electricity £usage is still incredibly high. When I look at the IHD sometimes it says waiting for data, sometimes it doesn't. The explanation of the IHD needing 4-6 weeks to sync will hopefully resolve it.
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Hi @TomH When you first have Smart Meters, they don't have your tariff information stored within them. Have a look here where I've explained this.

Having said that, @Nancy_OVO has also just posted on the Forum that OVO are aware of some bugs with the IHDs currently being supplied. I don't know whether yours is affected, but until your tariff data is uploaded, we can't tell anyway.

Don't worry. Your SMETS2 meters will still send correct usage data to OVO. What's displayed on the IHD doesn't affect your bills.
Mine is now just showing gas, the electricity is completely gone from the IHD. It still is reporting to OVO just not the IHD.
Just hoping it fixes itself, people are saying it takes a month, so hopefully in 2 more weeks it should be working. 🤞
Nothing useful so far but I see others are also experiencing incorrect tariffs in their In-House Displays.

My usage recorded by the IHD appears correct - just the money amount is out by a factor of 10.
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I'm afraid that's not possible @Tufty71. The Installation work on site does as much of the commissioning as can be achieved at that time. The four devices (or three if gas isn't used) are paired with each other, and checks are made to ensure that there is a viable link between the Communications Hub and OVO's SMETS2 team.

This link is not direct, but first via the WAN provider (Arqiva or Telefonica) and thence through DCC. At that stage the signals are using a bare minimum of encryption.

Once OVO have verified that the link is operational, DCC take over the next stage of the Commissioning Process. They, and not OVO, own the Comms Hub.

Only in the final stages of the process will DCC send the necessary ID numbers to OVO which allow them to start running and configuring the SMETS2 meter components themselves. This includes downloading the customer's tariff info and changing the data stream to match the input required by their in-house billing system.

This procedure has taken years to establish and agree contracts across all parties. It is enshrined in the regulatory framework and has been verified by GCHQ to ensure that it is secure. It should never be possible for someone to arrive on-site and fully commission a meter onto the National Smart Meter Network.
Thanks for that update @Mja. The LED flash sequence is what I expected... unfortunately.

From my viewpoint, it's a pity there isn't an LED indicator which specifically reports the status of communication with the SMETS2 Electricity Meter
below the Communications Hub

. I can understand why it's omitted because the two units are physically interconnected via the ICHI (Intimate Communications Hub Interface).

It's going to be even more tricky to diagnose problems with SMETS2 meters
in the Northern territory. Those Comms Hubs

have only two LED indicators, either of which can flash green or red. I'll try and build a similar "Customer Guide" for those too.

The meters in the North and central North do indeed carry the Same communication hub, and yes its a two light system on the hub, han and wan, if it's red it will be solid and you have a problem🙄 but the green lights you see flash at varying rates dependant on state of connection etc so that can tell you all you need to know, as long as you know what they mean 😁
What's also worth noting as well, is the ihd may not reset itself. Once commissioned on the secure (smets 1) meter set up, it would auto turn off and immediately back on to reset, on the smets 2 set up, the ihd needs manually turning off and on.... So even though the meters might have been commissioned in that period of time after an engineer has been, you probably will have to do a manual reset (on/off) for you to get proper recorded energy consumption on your in house display
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Same thing happened on mine a week ago @Mleeson, it first showed electric only, then both electric and gas (electric much too high cost and gas much too low cost) but now is only showing gas. Like you the lights on the meter look fine, but electric readings are not shown as being given to OVO in my Ovo account online. Given up looking at it all🙄
hi all

iv just had my smart meters fitted 3 days ago and the screen think they gave me is showing iv used 57 pounds in 2 and a half days
their is no way I have its only me
any one having same issues as me
any help is highly appreciated
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Take a look at this topic. @DRAGON, this should help explain things!
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I’ve moved your post here, @buzzhunter, check out the best answer, this issue should right itself in the near future. 


Seem to have a follower 😂
I will be plain, I fit Smart meters and come across all that that entails, I'm not claiming to be a professor of Smart meter workings, I give what I know, have experienced, and others have passed on in my field, and I work with some top engineers.
I've read back what I wrote and it seems quite easy to follow I think,....any advice or help I try to give on here is in good faith. In this instance it relates to some of the problems ovo customers have been encountering with ihds.... Maybe.... Its something I added to the conversation because a manual reset is required on the ihds we install, and funnily enough are the same as ovos
I only have electricity from OVO and, having shown the correct usage in KwH but a money amount 10 times too big until 2 days ago, the IHD now just shows "Waiting for data". Which is more, the actual meter has returned to 0. This is a little worrying as it invites an estimation of usage which, in my experience of energy companies, is seldom right.

Time to report this as a fault.
Just had a smart meter installed, and the IHD is showing crazy costs!

If i look at the tariff on the device it states (these are not correct for my plan):
Electricity 16.18p / kwh, 28.77p daily
Gas 3.48p / kwh, 28.77 daily

But when I press the home button the calculations do not make sense:
Electricity: 9.57kwh used today £18.39
Gas: 25.38kwh used today £0.89

Looking at the calculated costs it is clear that there must be a bug in the calculation for the electricity.

I would like to know how OVO are going to fix this bug? Recall? Or can they update the devices remotely?
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I've popped your post here, @Mick85, there's lots of handy info above!

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Hi @Revstar - the actual message you need to jump to in this (long) Topic is my one here. Then read the rest if you still want to!
When i read smart meter and scroll through daily charges the last few days have been £10, £13 and £31 respectively, yet period charge to date is only £9 (which sounds about right).

Any ideas what is going on, its was only installed 4 days ago.
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Hi @TomH - I've moved your post onto this topic where you can find more information about this issue.

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Disappointing to see threads about the incorrectly high usage cost on the IHDs from a month or so ago showing as Solved, when it’s not solved. There was no mention of it following my install 5 days ago by the engineer, or from OVO in a follow up communication, meaning Ive been be wasting time fiddling with the IHD and wondering if we have a dodgy smart meter.

These devices are meant to make meter readings related hassles a thing of the past, but the IHDs coming out of OVO still have this bug, more customers will therefore be having their time wasted and/or be worried 🙄
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It's OK @Staceyt8319 ... don't panic; this is quite normal.

I too had Smart Meters fitted last week. I've written about the process and why you get erroneous readings to start with. Have a look at what I've said on this other Topic here.