I have the old Pipit 500 IHD, can I have the new one?

  • 27 November 2018
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i have had one of these since joined ovo cant see use of them they do not show you real time consumption and why cant customers who have pipit 500 have the new one out think it is justly unfair as we have been loyal to ovo iam disabled with cancer and using a computer is a bind so why cant we have the new ihd units

Best answer by ITGeek123 27 November 2018, 10:33

@richard1966 I am sorry to hear your circumstances and hope you beat cancer

In terms of the new unit, have you asked OVO? I am sure they would be happy to provide you the new one.
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7 replies

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@richard1966 I am sorry to hear your circumstances and hope you beat cancer

In terms of the new unit, have you asked OVO? I am sure they would be happy to provide you the new one.
i have asked ovo and they refuse flatly to give me a new one as they say they are only issuing new one s to new customers i have been a loyal customer and never asked for anything but as say was told told no new customers come first
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Unfortunately, there is nothing more I can suggest. What makes the Pipit 500 better than your current one? Does your current one still work?
my pipit 500 still works but is not easy to read
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Would you be able to take a picture of the smart meter and upload here? That way, there is evidence how hard it is to read from the device
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I agree with the original OP, these displays are not the easiest to read. Many of the screens seem rather pointless and only make using it more frustrating. Whilst I'm sure we all care about the planet do we really need to see how many Kg's of Carbon Emissions have been pumped into the atmosphere, I have no idea how a Kg of CO affects the planet anyway.

To be honest I haven't touched my display all year, it's plugged in just wasting electricity. It might be more useful if it stayed lit up so we can view usage without constantly pressing buttons but again this would only use more electricity. Sure I could be anal about using it to monitor/adjust my usage but we can't get away from the fact that we all need to use energy so making savings with this device seems negligible. Colour is also another issue, I hate white gadgets :(

Perhaps someone from OVO can clarify the next questions:

  • Is my IHD accurate and can it be relied upon to give me exact usage minute by minute?
  • If not why do we have them?
Previously I've been told they're only a rough guide to usage and only the SMART meter gives accurate information which seems to render this device pointless.
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Hi @Slinky,

The IHD is designed to give you a pretty accurate idea of what you're using in real time. Unfortunately we can't guarantee that it's 100% accurate, but it should be receiving readings from the meters once every 30 minutes to keep it on track. We're not currently able to receive data more frequently than that.

Co2 is a greenhouse gas - increased carbon dioxide emissions trap additional heat in the atmosphere which contributes to global warming/climate change.

@richard1966 - If you're not finding the Pipit handy, I'd usually advise using the website instead as this really does have quite a bit more information on it, though you'd mentioned this isn't easy for you. Have you had a look at the app instead? You can download this on a mobile or tablet.