How can I take meter readings from my Smart meter?

  • 5 March 2019
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I need to take readings from my smart meter. When I google how to do it it says press 9 but I don’t have a dial pad! It has a home button, Now button, calendar, ok, and then arrows. Tried everything Any ideas?

Best answer by Transparent 5 March 2019, 19:57

Erm, @Louise7923 - you're looking at your In Home Device (IHD). The button you need to press is on the Smart-meter itself!
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5 replies

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Erm, @Louise7923 - you're looking at your In Home Device (IHD). The button you need to press is on the Smart-meter itself!
Oh really! Never knew that existed 😂
thank you - new to all this tech!
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That's fine @Louise7923 This Forum is a good place to ask for such advice.

There are some quite interesting new bits of tech kit going to be entering the domestic energy market in the next couple of years. These include

  • Smart washing-machines & dishwashers which will start up when the price per kilowatt is cheapest
  • Electric vehicles which can re-sell power back to the Grid
  • Half-hour variable tariffs so we can budget when we wish to use gas and electricity
We will all have new concepts to understand and this Forum is ideal for asking all those awkward questions. You don't need to use technical terms either.... keep it simple!

Some answers will differ according to the type of contract you're on, or whereabouts in the country you live. I generally look in the User Profile to get this information... so if you have a moment, please fill yours out.

Thanks. ☺

hello please help me, I have been a satisfied OVO customer but have now switched to take advantage of a better rate for 12 months.


I have a smart meter and both OVO and new supplier are asking me for meter readings.  My meter has stopped calculating usage from today and the meters in my outside box were altered when the smart meter was fitted - how can I find my meter readings please?


Many thanks for your help, kind regards

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If you’ve got SMETS1 meters, @ndean1sc, you need to press 9 on the meter to take a reading.


I’m not sure what you mean when you say the meter has stopped calculating usage, what makes you think this?