High costs with my new smart meter and In Home Display (IHD) - are my prices correct?

  • 12 January 2018
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Called Ovo to be told all the display units are faulty , try turning it off and back on in 48 hrs. There is a 6 week wait for new units. Why on earth do they bother supplying and fitting units which they know are wrong?
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Hi @Mrs c - the hope is that we'll be able to get the issue resolved without needing to replace the IHD, in which case your existing unit should start working when we're able to do this.
I have a problem with my Chameleon IDH3 and SM2 system. Readings on the meters and the IDH3 are correct in KWH but price on the IDH3 is ridiculous. Yesterday 4.22 KWH of electricity cost me £10.63 and 29.5 KWH of gas cost me £29.50. My question is: Is anybody's giving the correct price for the KWH consumed,

Thanks in advance