Why cant I login into my online My OVO , app or send reset password?

  • 21 October 2018
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Take a look at this topic for more help, @AlanB @RobC2. Have you managed to get this sorted?

@ITGeek123 have you ever had an error message like this before?
Why has My Ovo website not been working for three days?
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Not sure @RobC2! Can you give us a bit more detail? Any error messages?

I've been a customer for two years but not received any statements or even had a recent meter reading.

I thought I'd register online but when I click first time logon it always takes me to password reset. When I try that I get no email.

I have tried on Chrome and IE.

How am I supposed to logon?

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It’s strange to hear you haven’t had a statement, @Loosecanons, have you checked your junk folder for the password reset link? If it’s not there - get in touch with the team so they can look into this. The email address you need is



It’s strange to hear you haven’t had a statement,@Loosecanons, have you checked your junk folder for the password reset link? If it’s not there - get in touch with the team so they can look into this. The email address you need is



Hi, still trying to work out how to navigate the forum.

After two calls to Customer Service it turns out, when my account was registered by phone, my email address was spelt incorrectly . I have had NO gas readings in two years and only one electricity reading last April. How I am supposed to work out my annual usage I don’t know.

Surely there should be checks/obligation by the supplier to take a meter reading?

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Hi @Loosecanons,

We do need to check your meter reading, you’re right. 

We usually send an engineer round once every year for each fuel to gather a reading. However, we do also advise the customer to provide readings, which is the easiest way of keeping your account up to date. We’d advise one every three months will keep your account on track, but ideally once a month before your bill.

If you can’t input these online, you can always drop us an email on, or call the team on 0330 303 5063.


Thanks for the reply.

Still surprised nothing was flagged up after two years.


Do you know how I can calculate my usage?

I have a reading from  Dec 2017 but I need to know how to convert the readings  

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Hey @Loosecanons

You don’t need to convert your electricity, but the gas will need to be converted from units to kWh. 

Check out this page for info on how to do this.  


despite  numerous attempts  to log in to OVO account it still remains inaccessible .cant get past initial  log in page  despite changing password using email address ,ID number have emailed OVO but no response  received despite the promise to respond in 48 hours . OVO and myself will shortly be parting ways if they don't sort pronto. Any other   ideas  please on how to get logged in

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I’ve moved your post here, @losing the plot, there’s a lot of handy advice in this thread.

We may need to raise this issue to our tech team if none of the above helps, please reach out to the team. 

You can send us a message on Facebook, Twitter or email the team on You can reach our team on: 0330 303 5063. Our opening hours are 8am-6pm Monday to Friday.


My mother has an account with OVO and I am trying to help her to set up online management. I have viewed the guidelines to do this but surely I need to register her email address and account to enable me to set up a password.

I have entered her OVO ID into the login screen but, without having set up a password, the only choice is then to select ‘First time logging in’. This asks for her email but nothing is received. Presumably this is not working because id doesn’t recognise her email because we haven’t been asked to register it!

Seems to be a shortcoming in the process. What am I doing wrong?



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@thecat7457 I'm sure that the email address will have to be linked to her OVO account before you can access her pine account. Might be worth contacting customer service (who are still open) either via phone or email. It might have to be your mother who calls though due to data protection. They should be also be able to add you to the account also

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You should have needed to enter an email address when signing up to OVO. This will be the email addresses associated with your OVO ID. When signing into your account for the first time, you will need to click on forgotten password, enter the email address you used when signing up. You should receive an email requesting you to reset your password. Once you have done this, you should be able to sign into your account.

Please make sure to check your junk folder too as every email service spam filtering differ from one another. 

Any issues, please do respond back. We can try and help as much as we can before it requires an email to OVO at or a phone call on 0330 303 5063



Hi Matt,

When my mother opened the account she didn’t have an email address. I have only just set it up for her.


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Hi @thecat7457 


Some good advise here from @ITGeek123 and @SR3 


Your mum will need to have an email address linked to her OVO account, and use this email address to login to My OVO and reset her passwords etc. 


If this needs sorting, drop us a Facebook message here


If it’s something else, check out the ‘best answer’ at the top of this topic for a full troubleshoot. 


Let us know what works!


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Hey @thecat7457 

Are you able to register an email address to setup an OVO account?