Stuck in "onboarding" time line - how long after switch before full access to online account?

  • 26 February 2018
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I came across to OVO on 26 November but my opening screen is still stuck on my switch progress - ‘we will start supplying your energy on 26 November.’  I can’t view anything else.

Can anyone help?

If it's anything like my problem, they will be sorting out your bill from your previous supplier, this takes at least 6 weeks it seems, I'm still waiting for my bill, and I'm with ovo but they had to change my smart meter. Just out of interest why did you choose ovo? I've been with them for years, but the smart meter has been a pain in the butt:) broke last May, and although it's fixed the billing isn't, once all sorted I'm off to Octopus, other ovo customers have recommended them on forums. Hope that helps :) 

Thanks  Vicki


Hi thanks for that - I’m in the middle of a rate dispute with BULB - so that could be what’s holding things up.

I was with OVO 2 years ago - wish I’d never left them. I went to them originally because I saw their head man being questioned along with all the other heads of energy companies (by some government committee) and was so impressed with his honesty  - he didn’t ‘fluff’ about, took all the questions head on and gave honest answers - a rare thing these days.  besides, I like their ‘Green’ policy.

My smart meter worked fine - Bulb don;t use them so reading the meter became a real issue, so I’m looking forward to having another one.



We've been in touch recently to ask for a meter reading, as we’re currently estimating your energy use.
ovoheaderjul17_01.jpg ovoheaderjul17_02.jpg ovoheaderjul17_03.jpg
Account number  
mmr-heroanim-dec18-1.gif mmr-heroanim-dec18-2.gif mmr-heroanim-dec18-3.gif
Remember to give a meter reading 
Hello Shirley,
You've not given us a meter reading recently and we’re currently estimating your energy use.
Please give a meter reading in My OVO as soon as you can, to make sure you’re paying the right amount for your energy.
Fed up with giving meter readings?
Book a free smart meter installation in My OVO and you’ll never need to give meter readings again. You'll also get more accurate statements and handy energy-saving tools - like the ability to see how much energy your appliances use.
Can we help you read your meter?
If you need extra support with meter readings, our Priority Services Register is here to help. Visit OVO Help for more information on the support available, eligibility and how to sign up.
The OVO Team

 Please give me access to my account and I will be more than happy to

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A read dispute will delay your online account set up, @Vicki Timms, as soon as this is resolved and you’ve received your first statement you’ll be able to login.

@Deadbydaylight I removed the personal information from your post.  Please get in touch with the team so we can see what’s going on with your online account. You can message us on Facebook or Twitter. If you don’t use social media email 

Thanks Eva - hopefully Bulb have now sorted out the mess they made of my final bill (& are refunding over £800 - yes, you read that right!) so things SHOULD move forward now.

Thank you @Eva_OVO for removing my details I was when posting it very very annoyed, I raised a complaint but apparently there’s no one at OVO who knows how to flick a switch on the website (apparently OVO don’t run their own website)to give me what OVO promised me it is very frustrating  and with every stupid email asking me to post my meter readings or to check my online account my frustration rises at an alarming rate, its one of the reasons I won’t phone because I might fire off a lot of unpleasant words at someone who’s just answering the phones and not to blame.(it takes a huge amount of self-control not to use those words here).

This it appears is not an isolated problem but a fairly common one (other forums as well as this one) someone in senior management needs to take ownership of this as you will lose   customers if you don’t , you are not providing what you promised “access to your online account” at the end of the day I don’t really care who’s fault it is I know its not mine someone needs to sort it.

In the meantime might I suggest that on the “onboarding” pages as they are the only ones I can see that a email address is posted for customers to submit their meter readings thus stopping me from screaming insanely at my computer screen every time I open a new OVO email prompting me to upload my readings.

Anyway rant over see you next week when I get another email asking me to do what I can’t.



P.s I don’t intend to be rude to anyone and if I have been then I apologise but this is sending completely around the bend. 

Account Update

After 16 very frustrating weeks I finally has access to my account and next week I actually get to post my meter readings on my account for the first time.

how exciting is that !

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