Stuck in "onboarding" time line - how long after switch before full access to online account?

  • 26 February 2018
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Thanks for keeping us posted, @ryan6292 !
hi, every body. I just joined OVO 1 month ago. And yesterdayI just received an email to ask me to record my bill reading. But after I log into MY OVO account, I found that I can't click into the page of METER READING or any other pages. I think I have completed the process of joinning OVO and OVO is supplying my house now, that's for sure because I have recceived an email. Hope somebody could help me with that and tell me what to do, I would just attach a screenshot here. Thanks a lot.
The error is gone, but it looks as if I'm now stuck on the on boarding process like others in this thread. I'll give it a week or two to see if it converts in to a full portal access and ring if not, unless OVO forum staff members can raise tickets for us?

Update: 13 weeks still have no access to my account, raised complaint to OVO apparently its not their fault and they have no idea when they will let me have access to what they promised me when I signed on, on a brighter note that's a quarter of the contract done only 39 weeks until I can find a professional power supply company.

I log on to my OVO online account but it just keeps showing me to track my switch even tho I ve been with them for nearly 2 years. I can’t see anything about my account. Can anyone help.
My Ovo account has become stuck on the first stage of the switching sequence ("Welcome to Ovo", see attached image) even though I've had the account since July and when I first moved in I was able to use the My Ovo service completely.
How can I get my account working properly again?
OVO began supplying my energy on 15/12/2018 but when I try to log in to my account, the only info there is the switch tracking timeline, which still states that OVO will be supplying energy on 15/12/2018, even though it is now 19/12/2018.

There are no links I can click on yet I have received several emails to my current email address about my new account so it is obviously up and running but I cannot view my personal details in my account. As there seems to be an issue with the correct email address linked to my account and forum details I really need to access my info to update it. Any ideas?

Same here. Switch confirmed, direct debit, etc - all ‘ticked’. But no access to rest of app/account.
My switch date was the 14th of December.
I had an email to say I’m now on supply with OVO but when I try to log into my account (app or online) it still takes me to the track your switch page.
This is happening to me to. Says I'm waiting for my welcome letter and wont even let me get of that page. I never gave meter readings, did you?!
I emailed them a few days ago. Hopefully one of us gets an answer soon!!

No, I never gave them a meter reading, I can't. All account options are grayed out.
Good luck with your case
They've written to me saying I need to increase it. However when I log in all I get is an onboarding screen saying they supply my energy. I cant select anything.

Just got a text saying i need to do it too.
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That should be sufficient as an excuse not to change it then, it's not your fault the website is flaky. Like I say they should email you, if you were to change it yourself how would you know how much to increase it by? It's OVO who make that decision.
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Hi @ilariaelmi - any updates on this?


My OVO has been stuck at "We are setting up your account" since October. I've contacted you twice about this issue and both times I was told it was going to be resolved within a couple days. I can't do anything on my account, including checking statements, providing readings, nothing.

Can you fix this please?

I set up an OVO account when I moved in to property, OVO were already supplying energy. My account has never changed from 'Your Switch is in progress'. I have tried calling your customer collections but never been able to get through after several minutes wait.

Please can someone advise?

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Hey @Cookiekrumble and @badurinaf,

I've moved your posts over here. Check out the information in this thread - it should help answer your queries!

I've moved into a new house six weeks ago now, inherited OVO from previous owners and decided to try for a year.

This is what I see when I sign in to my account. FB Chat have advised, after looking at for a couple of weeks, it'll take 'a few weeks' to fix.

Would make sense to just delete the account and I'll register again as clearly something has gone wrong behind the scenes. Left menu greyed out, and mixed, supplying/switched?



I have had this issue ever since I switched over. When I log into MyOVO, it still has me as onboarding and as such, cannot submit meter readings or view statements.

I have called multiple times over the past 4 months to have this resolved and have been told each time that is will be rectified as soon as possible. I’m getting to the end of the tether with this issue, it seems nothing is being done about it.

Will this issue be rectified soon?
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Hello @Elixirninja

I have seen this issue with a few users and it was a cache issue on their machines. Best thing to try is logging onto the website in incognito mode. You can do this on Google chrome by pressing Ctrl Shift N Or on a Mac Cmd Shift N.

Please let me know how you get on
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@martinj @markfn check out the comments and 'Best answer' for info on this issue.

From my knowledge it does sound like a technical issue. Maybe your email address is linked to another, old OVO account, or we're missing some info when the supplies first switched.

Drop us an email for this to be checked:
Just gave that a try and no effect
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Is this when attempting to login via ?
yes that is correct, sorry for the late reply
i have been unable to access my account which reads PENDING since the end of 2018 this is despite reasurances from OVO that they are going to sort it out. But it has never happened. This is very poor service from a company whose policy is suppose to put customer service a high proiority?? My account no is ** edited by moderator**
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Hello there!

I hope you are well and not too cold where you are!! Brrr!

I think it takes up to 6 weeks for your online account to become active. This is when they're waiting to confirm your opening meter readings.

If it goes over that, try logging in via incognito mode. Do this on Google chrome by pressing Ctrl Shift N Or on a Mac Cmd Shift N.

Failing that, what I would suggest is nipping over to Facebook and messaging OVO on their page or giving customer care a call, on 0330 303 5063, or email ( and get thru to someone who can point you in the right direction (Facebook team and customer care are both SUPER fast and friendly!)

I really hope that will help you, please let me know how you get on!

Best wishes - stay warm!

Tristan :)

Sorry to hear about this ongoing issue, @john handford, I've edited your post to protect your details.

Please see the above thread for advice.