Stuck in "onboarding" time line - how long after switch before full access to online account?

  • 26 February 2018
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Is this when attempting to login via ?
yes that is correct, sorry for the late reply
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@Elixirninja Sounds like something isn't right with your account. I would advise calling OVO and seeing what is happening with your account.
It's been suggested I need to up my DD. Happy to do so, but "myOVO" only tells me that Ovo are supplying my energy. There is no link to "change Direct Debit" or anything similar.
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OVO will normally email you to say that your DD is increasing, you don't normally have to do anything. Maybe wait until you hear something from them.

I set up an OVO account when I moved in to property, OVO were already supplying energy. My account has never changed from 'Your Switch is in progress'. I have tried calling your customer collections but never been able to get through after several minutes wait.

Please can someone advise?

They've written to me saying I need to increase it. However when I log in all I get is an onboarding screen saying they supply my energy. I cant select anything.

Just got a text saying i need to do it too.
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That should be sufficient as an excuse not to change it then, it's not your fault the website is flaky. Like I say they should email you, if you were to change it yourself how would you know how much to increase it by? It's OVO who make that decision.
I have the same problem since August 2018 and I have been in touch with the customer service since 2 months ago and they don't give any solution. I don't have access neither app nor website. The worst issue is that I'm feeling that they don't care about this issue.
I've moved into a new house six weeks ago now, inherited OVO from previous owners and decided to try for a year.

This is what I see when I sign in to my account. FB Chat have advised, after looking at for a couple of weeks, it'll take 'a few weeks' to fix.

Would make sense to just delete the account and I'll register again as clearly something has gone wrong behind the scenes. Left menu greyed out, and mixed, supplying/switched?



I have had this issue ever since I switched over. When I log into MyOVO, it still has me as onboarding and as such, cannot submit meter readings or view statements.

I have called multiple times over the past 4 months to have this resolved and have been told each time that is will be rectified as soon as possible. I’m getting to the end of the tether with this issue, it seems nothing is being done about it.

Will this issue be rectified soon?
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@martinj @markfn check out the comments and 'Best answer' for info on this issue.

From my knowledge it does sound like a technical issue. Maybe your email address is linked to another, old OVO account, or we're missing some info when the supplies first switched.

Drop us an email for this to be checked:
I haven't been a customer previously so the e-mail won't have been used before.

I also haven't done a switch so that's a little confusing too.

I've been getting updates via FB messenger but if I am honest not really making any progress and don't feel anyone owning the issue.

What's the best number to call so that I can give a meter reading for the last six weeks and switch to a new supplier.


It's not displaying my usage or any other options, it is stuck on your now being supplied by ovo from date X, do I have to wait a few days for it to be fully functional?
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[quote user="Cod's::s::head"]It's not displaying my usage or any other options, it is stuck on your now being supplied by ovo from date X, do I have to wait a few days for it to be fully functional?

This sounds like the same issue as this topic @Cod's head - check out the 'best answer' for more info on the time frames for this 'onboarding timeline' screen, and reach out to us via email if you think it's the same issue:
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@Jamesfgy I've just moved your topic onto this one, as the answers here should be of use to you!

Hello, I switched to you on the 26th March and my account still shows as switch in progress. I have emailed you numerous times and this still hasn't been sorted.

Please can you fix this?

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Sorry to hear this hasn't been sorted for you @Yariso , I've moved your question here you should find all help within the comments!

It does sound as if there's be a delay in your switch, although you should've still received communications from us. Or there could be an issue with your MyOVO, potentially getting stuck whilst getting you set up.

Have you received your first statement yet? If not, it's likely your account is still going through the validation process, this can be delayed for a number of reasons such as a read dispute, missing info, or potentially an erroneous transfer.

You can also pop us a PM on Facebook https://fb .

Hope this helps!

My OVO portal is broken and has been since I joined OVO. I moved over from another provider (Scottish Power) and was told that the error I get when I log in saying that my electricity has been cancelled would sort itself out after a few weeks, but it has now been over two months and I still don't have access to anything - even though on Scottish Power my outward switch from them to OVO has been completed, and I am making monthly payments to OVO as normal. I emailed about this a few weeks ago but never got any response. Please could my account be looked in to so I can access my OVO account error-free via the website?

Please see the image (the direct debit confirmation box changes to todays date every day):

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We had a similar topic on this, @ryan6292, so I've moved your query here take a look at the best answer and the comments for more info. 🙂
@Eva_OVO I rang customer service about this issue earlier today who explained that my account was still set to a single rate meter rather than economy 7. This has been altered and I have been told that the portal will stop displaying the error in 24 - 48 hours so hopefully that fixes it, if not I'll post here again with everybody else who hasn't had this issue resolved.

My OVO has been stuck at "We are setting up your account" since October. I've contacted you twice about this issue and both times I was told it was going to be resolved within a couple days. I can't do anything on my account, including checking statements, providing readings, nothing.

Can you fix this please?
This is happening to me to. Says I'm waiting for my welcome letter and wont even let me get of that page. I never gave meter readings, did you?!
I emailed them a few days ago. Hopefully one of us gets an answer soon!!
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Thanks for keeping us posted, @ryan6292 !
The error is gone, but it looks as if I'm now stuck on the on boarding process like others in this thread. I'll give it a week or two to see if it converts in to a full portal access and ring if not, unless OVO forum staff members can raise tickets for us?