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  • 23 April 2018
  • 6 replies

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Switching to OVO couldn’t be easier. Once you’ve completed your sign up to us, here’s what to expect.

1) You’ll get a welcome letter in the post or via email (depending on your preference). This will outline everything from the details of your plan to your switch date and Direct Debit amount.

2) You’ll have a 14 day cooling off period to change your mind. If you’ve decided that you no longer want to switch to OVO, that’s okay. Just contact our team via phone, email or via Facebook or Twitter to let them know so they can halt the switch.

3) A few days before you switch, we’ll ask for some readings. You’ll have a 10 day window to supply your gas and electricity (or just electricity) readings to us. This spans from 5 days before your start date to 5 working days after.

4) As soon as they’ve been checked, we’ll add them to your account. This can take 4-6 weeks. Once your reading have been confirmed, both OVO and your previous supplier will receive the same reading.

How did you find the switch to OVO @Emma_G @Jeremy_T @SparkySi @Paul @AlanN @Steve587?

6 replies

I have recently switched to ovo. It’s been 5 weeks (roughly) I am now paying two energy companies (my old one and ovo) my account still says my switch is on hold with ovo and I am not yet seemingly supplied by ovo. I have recieved all the appropriate emails from my old company claiming that they have no longer got me as a customer and yet my bills keep coming in regularly from them. Help please! (i have sent all starting meter readings to ovo)
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Oh-er! That doesn't sound right, @Kai_asoka!

Firstly, keep talking to OVO. It is they who handle the switch process rather than the original supplier.

One of the communications from the original Company should be marked Final Bill, and should show the same readings you emailed to OVO on the agreed Switch-date. You should have no invoice from them for usage after that date. Is this correct?

Your switch on My OVO may be showing as 'on hold' because your readings haven't yet been validated. This takes a further 4-6 weeks from your supply start date so I don't think it's any cause for concern just yet.

If it transpires that both Suppliers have been billing you for the same energy since the agreed switch, you will get the money back of course. Don't panic; post again here to say what's happened and we can offer further advice.
I joined at the beginning of April when I moved into my flat. Previous owners were with OVO too so I decided to stick with them. I was told I would receive a welcome pack but I'm still waiting.
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Here's everything you need to know about joining OVO, @courtlmiles, I know you moved in but most of the processes apply to you. You should've received your welcome pack 5 working days after getting your account set up. Was the welcome pack filtered into your junk folder? Sometimes this can happen. If it's not there, send us a message on Facebook https://m.me/ovoenergy , Twitter or email hello@ovoenergy.com and we'll chase this up for you.
Hello, I was given yesterday's date as the switch day and I received an email saying OVO is now supplying my energy but I've contacted my old supplier and they said that's not true, that they are still the ones supplying us. I haven't received any letters in the post yet either. Is there a customer service?
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You'll find all the info you'll need above, @CristianR, welcome to OVO! ☺


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