How and when do I submit an opening meter reading?

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Transferring energy supplies is for the most part, pain free. All you need to do after you’ve signed up to us is provide us with opening meter readings. There is a 10 day window to do this - 5 days before your supply start date to 5 days after. We’ll send you an email to remind you of this though, a few days before the reading is due.

If you’re unsure of how to read your meter, check out this helpful guide here

Once you’ve got your readings (one for gas, one for electricity), the best way to submit these is via your My OVO account here: If this is the first time you’re logging in, click the link ‘First time logging in?’ under the login button.

These readings will then be checked over by a third party. Once they’ve confirmed the readings, your new supplier and old supplier will receive the same reading. This process takes around 4-6 weeks from start to finish.

**updated 06/08/2019**

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We have moved to Ovo from eon. Ovo have informed us continually that they will start supplying our energy from the 20th of this month and that we should give our opening readings by the 25th. I have tried on both the website and the Ovo app but giving readings isn't an option on either. I've tried ringing to no avail. So what do I do now?
I've moved your query over to this topic which you might find useful, @Paule

If you're logged into your online account and can't see an option to submit your opening readings, I'd recommend contacting the team on Facebook (before the 25th). Send them a PM with your full name, DoB, account number and meter readings so they can get them added to the account for you -

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Or if you're not on Facebook @Paule, you could send an email with your readings to

OVO will send this reading to the National Meter Database, ECOES, who send a notification of the switch to E.On. It is the responsibility of the receiving company to handle all aspects of the switch. You do not need to contact E.On yourself.

The entire switch process can take 4-5 weeks. It isn't unusual for your old supplier to take another month's payment in the meantime. But if you've left the Direct Debit "live" at your bank, they will automatically repay it when they issue your Final Bill.

Don't panic in the meantime. It is extremely unlikely for the process to fail!
Checked my emails which I don't do often and I find out my supplier has changed..asked to submit a meter reading and when I'm finally set up to do so there's a message saying it's too late to submit a reading..why can't readings be submitted at any time so as to keep our accounts up to date as much as possible
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Checked my emails which I don't do often and I find out my supplier has changed..asked to submit a meter reading and when I'm finally set up to do so there's a message saying it's too late to submit a reading..why can't readings be submitted at any time so as to keep our accounts up to date as much as possible

Have a look at this topic, @Phil65 - loads of info on what happens if you don't submit your opening meter readings! 🤓
Im in the process of switching to Ovo from Spark Energy - a company that I understand you now operate. I have a smart meter installed by Spark Energy. You are asking me for my opening meter reads - but the smart meter that has been fitted does not have the capability to tell me what the meter reads are - it only gives usage from pre-determined dates. As Spark Energy appears in your compatibility list and you now run the company, why do you need an opening meter read from me as Spark Energy will be able to give you an accurate read?
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Hi @Fernie,

I've moved your post onto this topic, which explains why we need customers to provide an opening meter reading ☝🏼

Spark use the same model of smart meters as us, so you can find out how to take a reading here.

As explained above, the readings need to be checked by a third party, so we'd need you to provide them to us, and we then pass them on.

Hope this helps!
Thank you Nancy_OVO but my meter does not look anything like the one shown in your photos and it does not have a keypad so the messages about which key press sequences to use in this topic area don't help me. It has a touch screen, but I cannot locate the meter readings when I go through the menus. The meter was also remotely reset today whilst I was out, so presumably the switch has taken place. Im not sure why you need a third party check of the readings when you now operate Spark Energy and should have access to all my billing data anyway?
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Erm @Fernie If it has a touch-screen, then you're looking at the display on the In-Home Device.

You need to go to the meter itself.

The third-party referred to by @Nancy_OVO is ECOES, the National Electricity Meter Database. They are the guardians of the GB domestic supply grid. They check meter reference numbers, locations and reading history. So when you change from one Supplier to another, it is ECOES who ensure that there are no errors and that the meter is assigned to the correct company.

The system works, and has helped thousands of people when there have been mistakes made with billing.
Thank you - thats useful.
My meter has a big sticker over it saying "not in use" so I cannot see the reading. I assume I scrape this off and read the meter - so thats what I will do!. Thanks
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Hi @Fernie - I'm not sure this is a good sign! Has this meter been disconnected? Could you take a photo and post on here so we can help further?
Hi - thank you. Ive now had a serious look ...... I live in a block of flats and Ive been looking at the wrong meters !!!
Ive now found mine and can get the readings.
Many thanks!
We provided opening meter readings for both our gas and electricity on the 15th March and received two separate emails confirming receipt of those readings.

The day before yesterday we received an email reminder for new meter readings ahead of the 15th April.

Now, having just checked our account online, whilst our gas reading does show in our history as a previous reading our electricity reading does not.

Please can we confirm then whether or not that reading was in fact received and if not how we might provide it again in order to receive a proper valuation for our bill?

In the meantime, please can we also confirm that it was necessary to create a separate account in order to use this forum? Only, we didn't seem to be able to link or use our prevailing details.

Finally, sorry, please can we confirm that making use of this forum does not affect our Self Service Reward?

Many thanks!
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I've moved your post here, @VagrntSol, the above topic answer your query.

Your MyOVO doesn't automatically create a forum account, the forum is super handy but it is at the customers discretion if they wish to use it.

Please make the most of the forum, this will have no impact on your self service reward at all.

Cheers 😊
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Hi @VagrntSol It can take 5-6 weeks before your account is fully open. Although the switch process is administrated by the Receiving Supplier (OVO in this case), most of the timings aren't under their control.

OVO will have Registered the Switch with ECOES, the national electricity meter database, and Xoserve, which is the equivalent for gas. They them initiate a sequence of Notifications to the Relinquishing Supplier, and DCC if you have Smart Meters.

It is very important that the Notification sequences occur. Not only do they confirm that the meter reading for the switch date is correct and agreed by all parties, but it's an opportunity for verifying other data such as meter numbers and Post Codes. This also ensures that you really have requested a switch rather than someone else do so fraudulently, without your knowledge or consent.

Continue to email OVO with manual readings. And don't worry. This is perfectly normal.
Thank you so much @Nancy_OVO and @Transparent for your responses!

Duly noted with respect to our making use of the forum and the self-service reward (indeed, ever so glad to see that it works) and likewise in terms of our meter readings.

We'll be sure to continue to submit manual readings as requested and look forward all being well to our valuation working itself out in due course.

Thanks again!
So sorry @Amy_OVO! Having come back to the forum today to launch a further query, we've realised it was in fact you who moved our original topic to this thread and replied accordingly.

Thank you so much then for all your help (let alone your patience meanwhile) and likewise to @Nancy_OVO, @Transparent, and indeed everyone else for their equally helpful posts here!