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Help - why can't I submit a meter reading?

I am a new ovo customer and I have to give a meter reading in the next 5 days. Simple yes? No! No matter how I try to submit the readings (app, mobile website, website website) I have a message pop up after I log on telling me my switch is on hold as there is a problem and I have been sent an enail explaining this. I have only recieved one email and it says “hooray your switched!” Kinda thing with a link to upload meter readings. I click on the link and end up at the same page saying there’s an issue and I’ve been emailed. Please save me!

Best answer by Transparent 11 April 2018, 10:48

Hi @Kai_asoka,

Sorry to hear of this problem as a new customer. However, a solution is actually quite simple.

Ultimately you should be able to submit these online via the app or MyOVO, however it sounds like there is an issue here that needs resolving.

Don't wait for OVO to initialise your Account web-page and sort out the hold-up:
Email directly to Customer Services with your full name & address, account number (if you know it) and the Meter Readings.

OVO will acknowledge your email and send the readings to ECOES (The National Meter Database). They in turn will notify your old Supplier, who have a narrow window of opportunity to raise any objections. Such objections are constrained by Ofgem rules, so it is quite unusual for one to be upheld. If your meter readings are within a reasonable estimate and you are not in substantial payment arrears, then I expect this process to be automatic.

After another fortnight, the old Supplier will raise your Final Bill. This delay is due to the statutory 14-day cooling off period for new Financial Contracts within the UK.

You do not need to contact your original Supplier at all. It is the responsibility of the Receiving Company to handle the switch administration.

Whatever "issue" OVO claim to have contacted you about cannot have been related to a Formal Objection because this could only be raised after ECOES have received your meter readings. At this stage they clearly have not!

Please post back here if you need any more help.
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Hi @nicholascholey 


It does sound like getting a trained agent to give things a once over is best. As the email address might not be linked up, it’s probably best to call as you say. Get us on: 0330 303 5063



Hi, it docents recognise my email address. Is there a telephone number I can use? This is stressing me out! 

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Hi @nicholascholey 

Are you able to provide a bit more information. What error is appearing when you attempt to log into your account? Would you be willing to take a screenshot and uploading it to this thread? This will help me get a better understanding what is going on.

When taking a screenshot please make sure NO personal information such as address or bank details are showing.

So I have set up account given DD details and now I can’t log into the account… is this a scam? This is nonsense I’ll be cancelling my DD ASAP if I can’t login within the hour. 

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Sorry we missed this, @mymtsang, read through the best answer for more help with this!

I recently moved into a new home 3 weeks ago and set up an online ovo account. Ive been emailed yesterday to submit a meter reading but my online account is still saying my account is currently being set up? Even after 3 weeks? What am i supposed to do

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Sorry to hear you didn't see the email, @Paul99F, I'll feed back the point you raised to our IT team.

You did send a email, but because Gmail considers your emails as 'unsafe' (an IT configuration issue you need to rectify at your end), the emails are marked as spam, meaning I didn't see it
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We send a "Sorry you're leaving" letter/email before you're due to switch away from us, @Paul99F, at this point if the customer hasn't initiated a switch this would prompt them to get in touch and we can cancel the switch.

You'll need to work with us and our team to see if we can resolve this before you're able to discuss this with Ofgem, take a look at our complaints procedure.
Hmmm, if erroneous transfers are 'quite common' in the industry then the industry needs to do something about this absurd situation. How about checking with the customer first, before switching them away? This would then avoid all the hassle of transferring back plus all the time your admin staff spend on the task etc. I can't think of many industries that willingly give away customers on the word of an unconnected third-party like this.

As it is, you have let my account be switched away, with no checking whether I agreed to this, then suspended access to my Ovo account that I've had for years, and now want me to prove my identity in order to reactivate my account. Ridiculous.

I will raise this with Ofgem, I think, as a simple check with the customer before switching could save a lot of money.
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It sounds like this was an erroneous transfer, @Paul99F, this is quite common in the energy industry - there's more information about this here.

We don't expect you to jump through hoops to get this sorted, you'll just need to get in touch with our Customer Care team on 0330 303 5063 or so they can get the ball rolling and get your supply returned to us. The team are available Monday-Friday 8am-8pm.
Think I'll just switch providers. Somehow you transferred me to Bulb without my knowledge, or even checking with me, now I can't get into my Ovo account, have to jump through hoops just to get back to where I was, despite following a link you supplied. Not sure I can be bothered any more.
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Our team responded, @Paul99F, there was a DPA issue potentially due to your Facebook settings, it might be easier giving our team a call.

You can reach us on: 0330 303 5063. Our opening hours are 8am-6pm Monday to Friday.

Hope this helps!
I did as you suggested six days ago via FB message. Have had no response and still cannot log into my Ovo account to see the statement that you've notified me about.
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I think there may be a tech issue, @Paul99F, please send us a message on Facebook or Twitter with your name, DoB and account number, our team will be able to help.

Changing the password allowed me to get in instead of getting "Internal Server Error". However I now just get the pre-registering screen:

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There's a few things you can try to get this sorted, @Paul99F.

  1. Log out of the account
  2. Delete your internet history, cookies and cache - this step is really important
  3. Reset your password, you can don this here
  4. Log in using your OVO ID as your username and your new password
Let us know how you get on, if you're still seeing the same page send us a message on Facebook or Twitter with your name, DoB and account number.
Well, I sent my readings as you suggested and I have now received an email notifying me that I have a statement available. Trouble is, I still can't log into my Ovo account, just get a 'server error' mesage when I try to do anything.
OK, will do. Thanks
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Hi @Paul99F I normally recommend sending readings by email to That way you retain a record of what you submitted with a time/date stamp on it!
Yes, but I was already a customer of yours for both gas and electricity. I was erroneously switched to Bulb for gas only and now I can no longer submit any electricity readings.

I tried your Facebook link, but that doesn't work as I don't use the Facebook Messenger website.

How do you suggest I get my readings to you?
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Hi @Paul99F - we'd ask all customers switching over to us to provide their opening reading as part of the automatic switching process. Most customers will have access to their online accounts in order to do this, but we wouldn't be able to identify tech issues ahead of this email being send in order to exempt you from it.
OK, but then why ask me to submit opening meter readings ( which you have done) if you know I can't access my online account?
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I've moved your post here, @Paul99F, the above thread will give you the info you need.

Pop our team on Facebook a message with your readings, they'll add them on.

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@Paul99F - the timetable for switching gas accounts is governed by Xoserve who are the National Database for gas meters. They operate within the regulatory framework agreed with Ofgem.

There is a system of Notifications which pass between all parties in order to protect the customer and ensure that your account is not being hijacked by a third party etc. This process includes timescales when objections can be raised for matters such as a mismatch of Meter Numbers or incomplete meter readings.

Whilst this process occurs, OVO will only allow partial access to your online account pages. This is for your own protection. They cannot and must not attempt to speed up the process.